4 Tools Every Developer Needs to Stay Productive

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  • Apr 20, 2020

4 Tools Every Developer Needs to Stay Productive
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It's no secret that maintaining a productive career as a developer takes serious effort. Whether you're making apps or websites, it takes a significant amount of time to learn new skills and put them into practice. True enough, our own IT experts state that it can take nearly a year just to develop a working program.

Fortunately, with the proper tools, it becomes easier to stay on track and keep your creative gears going—no matter how challenging it can be. If you find yourself having trouble finishing a project, here are some productivity apps and software to ensure maximum productivity.

Time Tracking

It’s easy to get burnt out when you’re knee-deep in a particular project. However, working too many hours might not be the best way to stay productive for long periods. A study cited on The Conversation found that productivity is closely tied to well-being. As such, working a fixed number of hours per day and getting enough rest can help you finish your tasks much faster and to a better standard. Time tracking apps like WorkflowMax and Toggl can help you keep your workflow in-check.

Storage Solutions

Backing up your files should be standard protocol for anyone who works on a computer, but even more so for mobile developers who are toggling between various files throughout the day. To this end, backing up your data through cloud storage platforms like Bitbucket and F(x) Data Cloud ensures that all your hard won’t go to waste. For the most comprehensive storage solution, having at least one external option is the best way to go, so you’re not storing all your files online, according to HP. This ensures that even when your progress gets overwritten over the network, you at least have a copy to restore the original content. It’s important that you continually save your progress on a hard drive at least once a week.

CI Software

While continuous integration (CI) software doesn’t eliminate the need to create scripts for individual steps, InfoWorld suggest that they do provide "a faster way to integrate your entire chain of build, test, and deployment tools” than you could ever hope to achieve. Jenkins, for instance, automates certain routines like code quality tests, syntax style review, and more. Plus, it works with nearly any combination of languages and source code repositories. If you want to improve your apps, it’s worth investing in CI software to help you out.

Source Code Management

Source code management (SCM) software is usually implemented in a team setting rather than an individual computer. Nonetheless, it’s an important tool to ensure that every developer’s contribution to the source code is well documented. SCM tools, like GitHub, track an entire history of changes to the app’s code base. It works well with CI software, too. When the CI software suddenly detects an error in the programming, you can check the SCM program to see which lines were edited recently and make the necessary amendments.

Whether it’s automating certain tasks, tracking your progress, or even ensuring that your data is never overwritten, the right tools can help you and your team go through your work much more efficiently. Developing apps is a long-winded and difficult task, so it’s essential that you look for all the assistance that you can get.


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    Apr 20, 2020

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