5 Reasons for Integrating Electronic Signatures with Your Business application

  • Paula Williams
  • Aug 23, 2019

5 Reasons for Integrating Electronic Signatures with Your Business application
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Modern technology integration is gaining a lot of popularity in the business world. Many businesses are looking on ways they can incorporate technology in their firms to increase efficiency and productivity. Without efficiency in a business, that business can't produce at the optimum level for better customer services.

One of the technology innovations that are gaining a lot of popularity in the business world is the use of the business application and electronic signature. E-signs are designed with the true meaning of efficiency. E-signs provide efficiency in all business especially when paper-based legal documents or even paper-based contracts are involved.

Do you have a business application and you would love to integrate it with digital electronic signatures?

Below are five reasons why you should not hesitate to do so:

1. For faster turnaround

Do you want to offer your services faster? If so, integrating your business with digital electronic signatures might be your solution.

You won't be requiring travelling or having a meeting for you to sign a certain document. This is because you will be having all the documents you need to sign in your business application. You can either have a mobile or PC compatible business application to enable you to accesses the e-signatures services in either of them.

Using digital electronic signatures incorporated application will give you the freedom to sign all your business documents anywhere and at any time. Time schedule to attend a meeting for you to sign the documents won't be necessary anymore when using the technology.

In addition, you will also be able to get a quick and faster reply from your business partners, unlike papers which make the process slow, tedious and costly. While using the application integrated e-signatures you will receive and send the secure documents conveniently.

Also, using this technology, you will be able to bring your business partners closer to you and therefore making it possible for you to bring them on the board faster. Through this, you will be able to eliminate any possibility of your business partners changing their minds before signing a formal agreement with your business.

Using application e-signatures will help you save a lot of time and costs which can be used to do other productions activities for the growth of the business. This increases efficiency and customers’ experiences in your firm.

2. Secure legal documents

Using an e-signatures incorporated application will help you store your documents secure and safe when doing your business transaction. The application e-signatures will help you encrypt your data to make sure only authorized person can access the documents.

Application and e-signatures have special access keys that will enable only authorized person to access the documents. Any small change on the keys will make the e-signatures invalid meaning an intruder won't in any way be able to access the documents.

In addition, the security measures provided by application incorporated e-signatures are very superior especially compared to that of paper. A handwritten signature has a lot of threat which includes destruction, they can be stolen or they can even be forged by invaders.

Digital e-signatures signed documents will incorporate all your details in such a way that, it will be hard for hackers to crack them due to the strong encryption technology. Some of the signer details incorporated in the digital signs that make it harder for an intruder to access the digitally signed documents include time, date, email address, IP address and even geographic location.

This implies that the use of application e-signatures is a great technology to protect your documents and transactions safe from tampering by intruders.

The good about e-signatures is that only you and those you have sent the link will be able to access the documents in the application.

3. Minimize errors

The use of the electronic signature free application will help you in reducing cases of errors in your documents. Also, it will help you minimize the cases of your clients submitting their documents without filling all important information. This is because when using the application e-signatures, your customers and clients will not be able to submit uncompleted documents.

Secondly, just imagine how tedious it will be when an error has been made on paper-based documents. You will have to reprint, distribute, makes the changes and then get it signed again and then submit it back.

As you can see, this is time-consuming and tiresome work to do every time you make an error. But when you use e-signatures integrated in your business app, you will have an easy task when editing the documents and even signing. You will only need a little time and you will be done. Also, you will not spend any excess money when doing the collection.

4. Time and costs saving

Using free software to create a digital signature will help your business to save a lot of productive time and costs. Sincerely, to incorporate the technology, you will need to have quite a huge amount of resources to start. But with time, you will be able to get more benefits when using e-signatures application than when you will be using the papers documents.

This is because when you add up all the costs associated with the use of papers documents in your business, the cost is extremely high. Such costs include the one incurred for security, storage, travelling, and documents retrieval services.

Also, paper handwritten signature slows down the time you take to close a deal with a client. This can be a threat to your business especially when your competitors can offer the same services faster than you. This means you will start losing customers.

5. Easy documents access on demand

Using a reliable e signature service provider will help to access your application and e-signatures easily and faster every time you need the documents.

For instance, when you want to double-check your agreements, terms or when your clients need a copy of a certain document, you will just need to login in your application, sign the document using e-signatures and then send the document which minimal time possible. This increases business productivity, efficiency and customer’s experience.

Final verdict

Use of e-signature free application is the way for secure, faster, efficient, cost-effective business activities. This technology increases productivity and the growth rate of the business. Business application and e-signatures go hard in hard for the best results.


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