6 Growth Hacks you Should Consider While Promoting an On-Demand Mobile App For your Startup to Compete in 2020

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  • Jan 14, 2020

6 Growth Hacks you Should Consider While Promoting an On-Demand Mobile App For your Startup to Compete in 2020
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Until some years ago Uber dominated the on-demand sector with its taxi app and food delivery app. It sort of had a monopolistic power in the on-demand market. Still Uber spent millions to promote its services even though it was not necessary. Now, times have changed and we can witness hundreds of startups providing various services using the on-demand model. So, it is inevitable to have a good promotional strategy for a startup in this competitive market.

Here I have explained some six growth hacks you must consider for your on-demand mobile startup in 2020. The year 2020 is expected to see some drastic changes in digital marketing mainly in the way it is done.

Numerous tools, chatbots, and software are present to aid the promotion of an app. Not all of them are relevant and some may be counterproductive. Hence, it is imperative to first choose the right way for the promotion of the app.

Having said that, we will see everything in detail below.

Have the app solution that stays relevant all the time

You may have a niche on-demand app service with disrupting features in it. But what is the use if your target users are not in any way going to benefit from these. Here is where the relevance of the app comes to place.

While developing the app solution, find and fit all the relevant features useful for your target users. It not only brings more users but also increases their retention.

Relevance of the app is not only about features, but also in design, interface, functionality, and usability.

For example, Uber introduced a taxi service only for women riders with women drivers, that app had options like locations sharing and emergency panic button. One cannot have features other than this in the first place.

Carefully targeted ads

It is estimated that more than 50% of the users uninstall an app if they find annoying/irrelevant ads of the app continuously being sent. This scenario is common and you might have personally experienced it.

There cannot be a worst thing than users hating the app service because of the ads.

Gather enough data to build highly specific ads to users and also tweak the frequency of sending them. Wonderful data analytics tools are available which can segregate users and send accurate ads.

Gamifying the on-demand app

There can never be a great tool in an app than something that gives instant gratification for its users. People crave gratification, a short time satisfaction can kick the much-needed dopamine chemical which makes the user to use it again and again.

Gamifying the on-demand app solution can give the craving to use it repeatedly. Points, stars, energy bars, coins, coupons, surprise gifts, etc are liked by users of this age. You can add these things to any kind of on-demand app services. Obviously, this is not related to the core service, but still, it is fun to use.

These things must not be confined to the customer app, but also to other app users. Customers just get hooked to the app and recommend it to others like never before.

Crash free on-demand app

A bug loaded, frequent crashing app will be the best spoilsport for your on-demand startup. Even if your on-demand offering is perfect, a poor app can bring all that down.

Unlike other apps, on-demand app solutions must give extra importance to its apps functionality. Although beta testing and other relevant tests are carried out normally, depending upon usage and traffic, on-demand apps are prone to frequent crashes.

This is something even major players in the sector failed to sort out. Hence, work well on the app and try to sort issues that arise from the app then and there. There are many tools like BetaTalks and BetaBound that enables developers to easily locate issues in the app solution.

Providing a crash-free app is in itself a kind of good promotion.

App listing in third-party app stores

Generally, apps made for iOS and Android are listed either in the Apple store or Play Store or both. There are still many popular app stores that gain good viewers. Off late, Play Store and iOS are said to influence the app listings by deliberately making their in-house app appear on top. 

Such biases make them less popular and there are few other stores which list third-party apps only.

Some other app stores are:

  1. Amazon android app store
  2. AppsLib
  3. Samsung store
  4. Getjar
  5. F-droid

There are some examples. It is also found that users from different regions use different app stores the most. It is easy then to identify and deploy the apps.

App store optimization tools with in-built analytics help big way to achieve an increase in app downloads. All this works well only when your on-demand app solution is perfect.

Video advertising of the app

People have less attention span nowadays and this manifests in their everyday activities. A video advertising like the one we see on TV will be much more effective. But now it is taken to multiple platforms like social media, third-party apps, etc.

It is completely plausible to bring everything in a small video campaign. This way may not be new to you but it is highly effective. 

Final word!

The on-demand sector is competitive and each and everyday new startups are coming one by one. It is vital to maintain market share and still grow by making optimal spending.

Spending more on promotion will be counterproductive. The hacks I have explained above don’t cost much and can be easily implemented by small and medium-tech startups.

These proven ways are new and it is apt for startups in 2020. I deliberately avoided to point some common ways to do app promotion to give a different perspective. Finally, I want to reiterate that this list is not exhaustive and more innovative ways are always present. It is up to your creativity and experience.


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    Jan 14, 2020

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