6 Ways in which Big Data will influence mobile apps sales in 2020

  • Muneeb Qadar
  • Mar 28, 2020

6 Ways in which Big Data will influence mobile apps sales in 2020
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Just in the first quarter of 2019 alone, there were 2.6 Million Android app downloads and 2.2 Million iOS app downloads. There is no exaggeration that mobile app development is the right place to invest in 2020.

Every single brand is figuring out ways to maximize the reach of its mobile app, cater to the needs of consumers, and enjoy high ROI. But, of course, nothing in life is easy.

With a billion mobile apps out, there are a plethora of opportunities out there. Although, there is a tug of war between iOS Vs. Android which is good for consumers. Staying updated with user intent is the core of mobile app development. This is where Big Data steps in the ring.

Big Data has been influencing businesses, helping them to get information, stats, and get a clear understanding ofthe purpose of trade.

Over the years, brands have been working delightedly to study, analyze, process, and utilize data from every source that they can and use that knowledge to target users who are willing to buy their products.

Now with mobile apps, there is a chance for brands to establish better communication for reaching out to people. With Big Data, is it getting easy to bring potential customers in the limelight and serve them as per their need?

This gives corporations a chance to understand which of the mobile user segment they should tap and how it will respond. Moreover, big data is helping brands to make essential decisions and explore more opportunities to understand and influence the specific demographics of customers.

Let us look at some ways in which big data will impact mobile app sales in 2020:

  • Forget the global boundary

Everyone across the globe is using a mobile app for something. Some are searching, others are ordering something online, and the rest are busy playing games. To put simply, there are no more boundaries with mobile apps.

This makes it challenging for mobile app development agencies or individuals to take care of users across the globe. They are required to create a usability matrix with data filtered for the native audience.

A filtered data will help users to relate with the brand and build a strong bond. Brands, on the other hand, needs to put out an interface with features and functionality that works seamlessly for that part of the world.

  • What does the consumer want?

Steve Jobs might be right at that time. If you ask the consumer what they need, they might need something different by the time you build something up. So, the advice for 2020 is to analyze the data, the user intent, and make something that the user needs.

Keep an eye on mobile app development trends that will shape the way users interact with the brand. Mining out data from consumers in the form of ratings, reviews, and level of engagement is part of analyzing the pattern and provide options and services that might lead to more conversions.

  • In-App Purchases will be in demand

Do you ever feel addicted to a game or an app? Maybe it is Facebook or Call of Duty. I know because I’ve been there and done that. When you are so engrossed in a game, you even forget that you are wasting money on in-app purchases. It is after you purchase that you realize that maybe it was not a good deal. But, if it’s an app or a game that served you well, then the in-app purchase is worth it.

The in-app purchases are and will always be in demand. So, when you start 2020, ensure that you add effective in-app purchase options in your mobile app. When you collect the data from the user, it will be easy for you to give them something that they will love to purchase while playing the game or the app.

  • Geo-Location Marketing

How does it feel when you are flooded with discount offers the moment you enter a supermarket? For me, it is something that I look forward to. I love geo-location marketing. And you might have seen that in 2019 location-based marketing went to new heights.

This means that when you plan to increase your mobile app sales, it is essential to throw those location-based discounts as soon as your customer enters in a local market across their street.

  • Get Crazy About Gamification

Do you know that companies who used gamification in their mobile apps increased the conversation rate by 700%? Yes. This is how to engage users and get more attention from users.

To identify the buying habits of users a professional mobile app development company opts for habits that involve attracting gamers. For instance, when the brand realized the power of using dark mode which was quite popular in games, every mobile app introduced a darker version of the app and the sales went nuts.

The thing with games is that it engages users for a more extended period. You must understand consumer behavior in the gaming industry to create apps that will engage and attract more people.

  • Improve Brand Reach

Today, if a brand doesn’t own a mobile app, it is considered as someone old. No wonder the mobile app is becoming the number one mode of communication between the consumer and the brand.

And the most crucial part is that the brand can quickly build authenticity with its mobile app. It is far easier to collect user data from a mobile app than any other medium. Because the user feels safe when giving out data to a trusted app.

The authentic feedback and even the value that the brand can create with its mobile app is impeccable.

In the End

For small business mobile app sales is an excellent opportunity to increase their brand presence without investing too much in any other channel. Mobile apps are easy to access which makes them even more desirable.

So, next time when you plan to make a mobile app ensure that you put all of these elements in the mobile app so that the user will engage and make the purchase without much effort.


  • Muneeb Qadar

    Muneeb Qadar

    Mar 28, 2020

    Muneeb Qadar is an SEO expert at Branex AE, a leading web design company who focus on giving high conversion ratio through quality and up-to-date designs. He plans, creates and executes SEO strategies to increase the visibility of the businesses and engage the audience through the networking channels. With 7+ years of experience, he’s skilled in SEO, social media marketing, advertising, and analytics.

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