8 Ways to Make Your Innovative

  • Anna Jhonsan
  • Sep 04, 2019

8 Ways to Make Your Innovative
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8 Ways to Make Your Innovative, Game-Changing, Synergistic Website Stand Out

In this modern and high tech world, there is no chance of a straight forward website to stand out in the race. To win the race you need you a highly innovative, game-changing, synergistic website that stands out.

In this blog, I will help you create an outstanding website to lead among other game-changing websites.  An ideal website would be the one which plays the role of a game-changer in reaching out to the maximum number of audience.

Fill your website with pop-ups

The easiest way in which you can make your target clients aware of your website is by asking them to register on it even if they don’t know anything about the products which your website is marketing. Fill up your website with as many pop-ups as you can, accommodate one on top of the other, don’t worry about the kind of experience the visitors of the website would be facing.

You need to be very creative in even facing negativity. If a user is not willing to receive your annoying email updates for about 6 months or more, handle it in an innovative manner. Make them click on the options like “I am a loser” and not just “no thanks”. Design your website’s content in such a way that the visitors think twice before ignoring it.

You should not create a plain and simple navigation pattern; it should consist of a layer and layer of drop-down lists. You need to ensure you include all the information your company has ever produced on the drop-down list. Such a drop-down list should concentrate on the concept of hover state which is not at all possible to surf through your mobile phones. In this way, your website can grab the attention of the target audience.

Fill your website with animations

The animation will add immense attraction to your website. It might irritate you with its visuals due to below standard screen size and distract the visitors of your website from the product information they are required to be aware of. But it is very much recommended to incorporate a great range of animations on your website which makes it different from the website of other companies, which usually incorporates animations for silly issues, like the case of the cartoons.

To make your website stand out among the others, I recommend you to put effective sounds or you can even add a piece of effective music on your website to help it stand out. You can add up the slide in effect to make your website content more and more appealing to the audience before they determine what they require.


Fill your website with the Hover States

Always remember to fill up your website with the Hover States. You shouldn’t bother about the awful experience they are going to create for you. You have required it to place it on all the photos as well as texts accommodated on the website. You should also not bother if the visitors would be able to click on such kind of photos.

You should only concentrate on developing your website into a great form of hover state.

A hover state will not add importance to your website but it will enable you to flatter about your website, the effort your development team has made to decode all the silly codes.


Enhance the efficiency of the website

You should not pay any heed to the poor appearance which that beautiful scroll bar will add to your website if viewed from the mobile. Anyway, you just need to concentrate on improving its efficiency to operate on a desktop. Even though 60% of the population of your website originates from mobile phones still desktop is the path for the future generation.

You should always aim towards developing a funny and comprehensive website and not concentrate on the experience it would create for mobile users. It is not that no one concentrates on the interface of the mobile site but a desktop site is very much promising. It can help you attain great awards for the design of your website, which has to have fun kind of an interface, which is what the judges accept as an award-winning design. The judges also look for DGAF to determine whether your website is really operating.

The main belief here is to concentrate on optimizing your desktop site ignoring any kind of difficulties that your mobile site users might be facing.


Fill up your websites with a great number of advertisements


You should pay attention to the type of website you have but you should always ensure that your websites contain links from other popular websites which link with a website like yours to promote their products and services. In case a company is willing to pay you a stipulated amount for displaying their advertisement on your website, concentrate on giving them the fullest and don’t search for a better source of revenue.

It is recommended for you to enable an automated internet advertisement feature with full volume on your website to which the people can connect with as they surf around your website. The high volume of such videos will bring the attention of the consumers to your website. In this way, you can spend more time browsing your website and thus increasing your possibility to flatter about your website among the marketing team of your company.


Ensure your website consumes a long time to load


While designing your website you should always believe that all the visitors to your website will have high standard broadband service and design it accordingly. You need to believe that the visitors to your website can download the contents of your websites at the same speed as you.

Always think the other way round, if they can’t download they will spend more time on your website and you will get an opportunity to flatter about your website in front of your marketing team about the great job you did.

If you want to excel in the field always maintain a positive approach. If you find an increase in the drop rate of your website don’t be negative, believe that the people were silly who were not convinced to visit your website.

Make sure you hide that information on your website which the visitors would be searching for the most. Include numerous options on your website so that the visitors spend hours clicking on each just in the quest of finding that information which they actually need and which is actually not present on your website.

You can keep the visitors hooked to your website in this way without bothering if they would purchase any of your products.

Don’t worry about the long hours you spend waiting for your website to get loaded as this wait would end up being very much useful for you.


Make it ADA incompatible


Don’t ever make the mistake to make your website ADA compatible as the process will take a great portion of your time. Instead, utilize the same time in preparing a stylish interface for your website where you can replace the calling tab to an action tab converting it into an image.


Don’t waste time on copying


You should never waste your time copying. Your client has the caliber to determine the utility of your products.

You should spend a greater portion of your time in preparing a design for your interface, concentrate on making layer upon layer more and more stylish.

It is however recommended to you to spend more and more time on preparing a comprehensive diagram with a great amount of attention. You are required to carefully craft an information-based algorithm perspective on the blockchain system which will enable all the visitors of your website to determine the way in which your website will function efficiently.


So if you really want your innovative, game-changing and synergistic website to stand out among the others don’t make it slim and trim, don’t make it user-friendly, instead, make it complicated, and make it funky which will lead the way of your website among others.


You just concentrate on making your website as funkier as you can which will have the potential to keep the visitors hooked onto your website. If you make it plain and simple the visitors will not spend more time on your website, they will just visit and leave, which is not good for the functioning of your website.

The more funky and stylish you make your website, the more time it will take to load and the more opportunities you will get to flatter about your website, making it stand out among many others


  • Anna Jhonsan

    Anna Jhonsan

    Sep 04, 2019

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