A Definitive Guide on How to Setup Multi-Store in NopCommerce

  • Kuldeep Kundal
  • Jun 18, 2019

A Definitive Guide on How to Setup Multi-Store in NopCommerce
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The advancement of technology, as well as globalization of trade, has led to the creation of online stores.Various websites have been developed to help these entrepreneurs involved in E-commerce. One such site that has been highly ranked is nopCommerce. nopCommerce has multiple incredible features that have boosted its reputation. One of them is multi-store support.  Wondering what multi-store feature is and who benefits from it? In this article, you will get the answers to those questions as well as guidelines on setting up multi-store in nopCommerce.

Multi-store feature in nopCommerce

The multi-store feature allows one to run several online stores in just one nop commerce installation.  The stores are different and are running in various domains as well as subdomains.  However, they use the same virtual directories. It is of great advantage to an e-commerce entrepreneur.  One is that you will have one login to access all the stores.  Another advantage is its reduced cost. It is because an individual has only one web application as well as a database to cater for.  Moreover, you can easily as well as quickly examine the progress of your online stores.  It is because you will have only one website where all the online stores are running.

 Who benefits from the multi-store feature? The feature is most appropriate for the entrepreneurs who need separate B2B as well as B2C stores. Other merchants who require this feature and will significantly benefit from it are the ones who operate stores having different brands. Finally, a retailer who does business in a wide range of countries and wants a distinct store for every nation will significantly benefit from this too. The nop commerce website, besides having this incredible feature, has other features that make it be a perfect choice. One of them is the mobile commerce feature. The nopCommerce developer, as well as the entrepreneur, can develop a mobile-friendly version.  The mobile-friendly version is of great benefit to the entrepreneurs and shoppers can be able to access the stores at the comfort of their phone while in the workplace, vacation as well as home.  Most businesses are moving towards the use of mobile-friendly sites. Therefore installing nop commerce website will be a great boon to you and will help you in the maintenance of the market segment.  Another incredible feature of the site is its payment feature. The nop commerce website accepts all the main debit as well as a credit card.  As such, your consumers no matter the country they come from or the type of card they have, they will be able to purchase the products.  Besides that, the payment feature makes it easier for individuals to make purchasing orders and the online merchants to come up with payment methods rules of every country.

Setting Up a Multi-Store in nopCommerce

Have you liked the feature and wants to set up the multi-store feature in your nop commerce website?   Here is the solution, you can hire a nopCommerce developer to do it for you all do it for yourself. NopCommerce developer will assist you in developing the multi-store feature as well as enhancing by developing a nopCommerce theme.  nopCommerce themes are a collection of files that can change the layout as well as the design of your website and make it more appealing.  The theme makes the content of the online stores appear on the website as per the store site requirement.  The theme can also bring a change to the website layout where it can change to a two or one column layout. In summary, it controls the comprehensive presentation of the online store website. nopCommerce developer will also create several plugins that will aid the functionality of the website.

If you want to set up the multi-store feature for yourself, go to the configuration folder and then navigate to the store's option and click add new store.  Upload and install the two stores.  After doing that you can go ahead and configure the stores in the administration location and start uploading the contents of all the stores.

You can also set up the multi-store feature using the Plesk control panel.  In this, the second store (www.store2.com) should be redirected to (www.store1.com).  The control panel uses the name based virtual hosting; thus you have to create a domain for the second store.  How do you create the domain?  You should log in to the domain panel of the first store (www.store1.com) through the control panel link from the administration panel.  After that, select the add new domain allias and enter the full alias of the second store.  Finally, select the web service option as well as the mail service option if you want to get the emails of the second store.   While adding the second store, you should make sure the synchronize DNS zone is not tampered with, and it remains unchecked.  After all this, you can now manage both stores via the administration area.  All you have to do is go to the configuration and then click stores, and the store's window with the two stores will be displayed.  Though the stores share the same virtual directories, you can change their themes and have two distinct themes for each store.  By following these steps, you can easily set up the multi-store feature on the nop commerce website.  It is just a one snap activity; hence, the site you should go for.


The nop commerce website is the site to choose as an e-commerce entrepreneur.  It is because of its incredible feature such as the multi-store feature, pricing feature as well as the mobile-friendly feature. Besides that, the dedicated nopCommerce developers all over the world are continuously enhancing the website. They are doing this to offer the merchants a great experience in their online business. Professional software engineers, graphic designers as well as members of quality assurance are also supporting as well as helping in improving the website.  They are striving each day to achieve their goal, which is creating, delivering as well as maintaining a world-class business solution at a reasonable price.


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