Dedicated server hosting for e-commerce sites

  • Anju Choudhary
  • Sep 25, 2019

Dedicated server hosting for e-commerce sites
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If you are searching for the best hosting package for your website, it is much advisable to do some research on the type of services that you will expect to obtain from a Webhosting company. When you select the dedicated server hosting plans for e-commerce sites, then you will surely enjoy the unlimited resources from a hosting provider. 

What is a Dedicated Server?

In web hosting, a dedicated server means a system that is extensively rented out by a client organization for their use and the storage space will not share with other users. However, a dedicated server hosting is typically a great choice of large businesses, particularly the e-commerce websites that should handle a large quantity of traffic. 

The major advantages of choosing the dedicated hosting plans are assuring the limitless data transfer speed, high uptime, amazing security and tech support and disk storage space. In this dedicated hosting, the server can be highly configured as well as managed by a client organization and this offers a wonderful deal of customizability as well as tractability to handle out the massive traffic points. 

Normally, the powerful technical support team backs these dedicated servers from a hosting company. The client is also free to make the limitless domains on that specific server. Particularly, this feature is more beneficial for businesses that have several chains or departments of retail outlets. Also, it is distant more inexpensive for these organizations to select the dedicated hosting instead of leasing out individual servers for each marketing separation. 

How business can benefit from dedicated server hosting solutions?

If you seek a perfect hosting solution for your company site with a mission-critical and high traffic websites as well as applications, then opting a dedicated server would be the best. In terms of suppleness and available software, this dedicated server hosting is highly recommended for companies that run and fix their personalized e-commerce website or database applications. When it comes to information and security shared on a dedicated server, it is very secure. 

In addition to that, the eCommerce site faces issues during the carting time. In most occasions, shopping cart abandonment took place mainly because of the low performing server. A dedicated server gives you the most powerful server that can cut down such carting problems and reduces the site loading time. 

These factors will be a big plus and it boosts the sales numbers on your eCommerce sites. 

Advantages of hosting your e-commerce site on a dedicated server

Of course, now there is plenty of abilities to make massive profits in the e-commerce industry. Even many of the small businesses, corporations, and more individuals are bounding onto the e-commerce truck. This is because; it has become one of the quickest and simplest ways to reach out to the customers. Overall, the customers can able to visit at any time of the day from anywhere in the globe with just a few clicks of the button. 

To ensure the customers can access it continuously, you will require a reliable hosting plan by a great web host. Also, most of the webmasters are selecting to host their e-commerce site on a dedicated hosting plan. Here are some benefits of hosting your e-commerce site on a dedicated server that includes:

  • Using a dedicated hosting plan is a great level of safety you have for your website.
  • You will be in power of a high level of security for your website against hackers, viruses and spammers and more. 
  • On top of improved security, you will also be able to enjoy the massive quantities of bandwidth and disk space.
  • A dedicated server gives your site a separate environment with the right server configuration to ensure maximum server uptime and high performance.
  • The plan provides more resources and great security than compared to other hosting plans and it does come with a massive price tag.
  • A dedicated server gives a large storage space, which is essential for the eCommerce sites. 

Choosing a Dedicated Server from Reliable Host Provider

Prefer reading reviews and ratings in online for picking reliable host provider. eWebGuru offers a best-dedicated server hosting solution for all types of sites, especially for eCommerce sites. 

eWebGuru offers a wide range of hosting plan under its dedicated server hosting that can suits well for all budget site owners. Besides, all their plans come with premium features for an affordable price. 


Picking a dedicated server for a large eCommerce site would be a best and wise decision. Because, a dedicated server will offer you all the needed server resources like speed, security, reliable server access to the sites to perform better. Besides, users or webmasters no need to worry about server maintenance since it will be taken care of by the host provider side.  


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