Essential Marketing Tools Every Small Business Owner Should Know

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  • Jul 22, 2020

Essential Marketing Tools Every Small Business Owner Should Know
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Small businesses can face several struggles in their first few years, and one of those struggles has to do with marketing. Investing in marketing can be the first step towards success for companies that are just starting out, but finding the right approach that's both effective and affordable can seem like a far-off dream. Unfortunately, there's no easy, miracle pill marketing technique that can net a fledgling business immediate success. There are, however, techniques that, if employed correctly, can lead to better and more consistent results that will keep small businesses thriving for years to come. Here are a few of them below.

Social Media Pages

Research by The Manifest has found that 89% of small businesses invest in marketing, and 95% of small businesses are planning to increase their digital marketing spend. Social media is an essential part of this, and has been an invaluable asset to small business owners for years. As more and more social networks begin integrating ecommerce aspects into their site design, it's likely that they'll continue to be massively popular online marketplace options for small to medium sized enterprises. As such, it's important for entrepreneurs and small business owners to maximize their social media and study effective approaches for better engagement.


When small businesses enter the online marketing sphere, they go up against literally millions of businesses around the world. Getting hits and engagement can be a frustrating, time-consuming process, especially if you don't know what you're doing. That's why it's essential for entrepreneurs to have a good grasp of search engine optimization (SEO) and similar tools. SEO is a tool that enables your website or page to appear in the top search results of Google or other search engines. Not sure where to start? Check out our article on 'SEO Techniques That Will Definitely Work for Your Website in 2020' for tips and tricks to getting the best results.

Direct Mail

Small businesses and entrepreneurs might shy away from traditional marketing methods because they seem labor intensive and not worth the trouble, especially when compared with digital marketing. However, techniques like direct mail marketing might actually net you better results than digital advertising or email newsletters. An article on how to get a high ROI with direct mail by Triadex Services, outlines how direct mail is trackable and inexpensive. And as aforementioned it yields a high ROI with a lower cost per lead. If you're a small business working off a budget, this is definitely something worth looking into.

Promotional Items

At first glance, promotional items might seem like a weird option for small businesses. After all, they take up resources that could otherwise have been used for more, and cheaper, marketing approaches. However, it's important not to underestimate the positive impact that can come from using promotional items in your campaign. A report by Industry Today outlines that 83% of consumers are able to recall companies that advertised using a promotional item, and over 50% of consumers have a positive impression of advertisers after receiving said product. For beginner businesses that are trying to build their market, this can be a huge boost in terms of name recall and retention. Further proof that a little bit of investment can actually go a long way.


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