Highly Effective Mobile App Marketing Strategies to Grow Your App

  • Shruchi Nagar
  • Jun 26, 2020

Highly Effective Mobile App Marketing Strategies to Grow Your App
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Digital era started with website and portals for the website in which people surfed using computers, then with more and more growth in technology and digital marketing, people started using smartphones for everything, whether it be social media, websites entertainment or even Google searches.

Websites and Mobile application play an essential role in the success of every organization. Therefore, it is important to hire the Best Web Development Company for developing a beautiful and visually attractive mobile app for your business.  So, we made our website mobile responsive to give users the same experience, no matter what the device be.

From website and web Applications we are drastically shifting on a mobile app, Companies are making mobile apps for everything, for every type of business, for every type of operating system. Whether it be Android app development services or Ios app development services, App developers are putting all efforts to capture more users and generate more leads. Marketing for the mobile app is crucial to spread the word about your app and get installations and retention of your mobile App. So, it’s important to effectively plan your mobile app marketing services now.

  1. Video previews & First impression Frame

Both for CVR boost in App stores and for your visitors, you can put video previews of your application, as videos are more engaging and grab more installations for you. Also, make sure to optimize your first impression frame, as it’s your first impression and that’s what compels users to install your app.

  1. Regional Language

Use regional language to make a better user experience for your users even on the preview page. Always use the right words when translation as there are some words that are updated from their previous version, like an elevator and lift! You know that the two make a difference in where you are from. So, try hiring a native translator who has an understanding of ASO, to get your translation relevant to your regional users.

  1. Content marketing

Use creative unique content to compel your target audience to download your app. Use content marketing to write blogs and to promote your mobile App through social media and through email marketing. Mail newsletter once a week or monthly, and retarget your users or create new users through social media.

  1. Push Notifications

Retaining customers on your app is harder than getting them to install in the first place. They might forget about the app in 2-3 days or times. To retain them to you can use push notifications. But they should be strategized. Make some appealing push notifications like which makes them take some action and is personalized, so grab more attention and try sending them out when the users might take some action. Phone is in their hands 24*7 but to get them to actually open the notification and take action on your app is the goal.

  1. Social media

Connect with your audience through social media, answer their queries and help them understand your app. Mobile app marketing strategies require acquiring strategies as well as retention, and you can do both only when you connect with your audience and also you can connect your app with social media channels. Allow users to share the App results or content on social media. It’s your indirect promotion through consumers which spreads more goodwill coming from your users.

  1. Geo Tagging
    Add gro tagging features in your mobile app and in your mobile app marketing strategy, as with geotagging you can easily target your audience with location and time-sensitive features. You can send offers or deals to users in close proximity to generate more visitors for your app and also physical stores.
  2. Metrics
    To grow any business it’s important to measure the previous results and analyze them to develop your plan for the long term. You need to measure and analyze your metrics, and you can do this by various analytical tools available. This not only tracks your installations but also tracks retention, logins and event-triggered, etc. With quantitative data, you need to also measure user behavior for which analytical tools are also available.

These are some simple ways through which you can market your mobile App easily and generate effective results, Mobile app development services only matters when you know how to market your product in front of your target audience.

Mobile applications are crucial for any business to stay in a relevant audience, they need to keep updating themselves with the newest trends to ensure results or outputs. If you’re still thinking about mobile application and how would you market it or will it provide returns or not.


  • Shruchi Nagar

    Shruchi Nagar

    Jun 26, 2020

    Shruchi is technical writer At F5 Buddy which is a Web & Mobile App. Development company, She is responsible for content strategy, documentation, blogging, and editing. She works closely with F5 Buddy, development, marketing, and administrative teams to produce all manner of written content. In his free time, Shruchi is an avid guitarist, cook, and traveler.

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