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  • Sep 13, 2019

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Artificial Intelligence has been witnessing a significant improvement in the past few years. Several kinds of Artificial Intelligence have been around us for a long time and making our life easier. Due to the fast development of Artificial Intelligence and robotics, these effects transform our daily life Artificial Intelligence is an innovative factor in production and has the ability to introduce new origins of growth, from changing the style of work to reinforcing the role of individuals.

Technologies like voice recognition and text transcription were introduced long ago, but the use of these technologies is making our life much more comfortable in today's time. Most of the leading mobile development companies are providing Artificial Intelligence Services due to a considerable increase in the demand for AI.

Enhance Productivity

Most of the people believed that due to industrial automation, millions of people would lose their jobs due to automation and updated machinery. The implementation of Artificial Intelligence applications helped the productivity of the business. This has helped in increasing the outcome of the organization and introduced new artificial intelligence technologies that have more efficient results and high precision accuracy.

  • A report by Statista demonstrates that the global automation market revenue is expected to grow by more than $50 billion by 2020, as compared to 2016. (Source)

Enhancement In Jobs

Artificial Intelligence and robotics, like any other technology, are totally destructive to employment. It has happened several times that technology eliminates employment, but at the same moment, it creates even more employment. People usually do not lose their workplace; it's just that they get new tasks to perform with time. People really need to adapt to the change and upgrade their skills and knowledge with time.

AI Service Provider's main task is the combination of both humans and machines working simultaneously and complementing each other in the future. The absence of sufficient employees with AI-driven abilities is the only reason that can lead to job loss and unemployment.

Boost E-commerce Accuracy

Artificial Intelligence is expanding its technology boundaries and knowledge limits. Most of the leading companies are using an innovative method to enhance their user experience by improving their lifestyle. With the help of Artificial Intelligence algorithms, companies can collect accurate information in a more organized way. Artificial Intelligence is expanding its boundaries of technology and knowledge by upgrading technological advancement. By enhancing their customer lifestyle, most of the major businesses use an innovative technique to improve their user experience.

Voice Assistants

Voice assistants such as Samsung's Bixby, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa all use the information to comprehend the voice instructions of their customers and execute tasks. Most of the smartphones allow users to interact with apps seamlessly communicate with everyday language. With not just voice recognition software, mobile companies offer a wide variety of features, such as productive messaging and context-aware computing with the help of Artificial Intelligence. 

High App Authentification

Artificial Intelligence holds a bigger responsibility whenever we talk about cybersecurity. With the growing technologies, the usage of the mobile is increased and which results in enhancing cybersecurity threats. Security threats are the biggest concern for any mobile app development company. AI helps to reduce security issues by alerting the users about the probability of threats with security software.

AI in the Camera

AI in the camera: AI is already in the camera and making the most high-end smartphones. AI algorithms assist in determining whether a panorama or a person is being snapped – and to adjust the kind of filtering used to deliver the finest outcomes. AI will assist you in finding the correct lens according to the conditions of the light.

Improve Search Experience

AI has improved the user experience while searching for objects related to the user. New features have been added to suggest to the user during the search. The machine learning and Artificial Intelligence mobile applications took the user experience to the next level. Recent market trends have been set-up after voice recognition technology came into the limelight.

Used to Allow more Human Searches of Images:

After upgrading the technology, many leading smartphone companies use AI software technology that improves the images like removing the red-eye, assisting the user to stored images in the gallery with their names or, to recognize the user's face AI works making a huge impact on mobile industries. Some software companies provide impressive features like adding animations and music in photos and videos with the help of Artificial Intelligence.


With the growth of Artificial Intelligence is making a whole new level of possibilities. From the last few years, AI has been influential in developing mobile app development platforms for several years already. Machine learning has shifted from its origin, and users are now looking for flexible algorithms for seamless and intuitive experiences. The new accessibility and development of AI and machine learning solutions are making a revolutionary change in the way developers, companies, and consumers relate within mobile applications.


  • Nitin Garg

    Nitin Garg

    Sep 13, 2019

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