How can AI fine-tune the ever-expanding web-driven world?

  • Haresh Kumbhani
  • Mar 17, 2020

How can AI fine-tune the ever-expanding web-driven world?
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The concept of Artificial intelligence (AI) is not surprising anymore, but its applications surely are. It is no longer a buzzword confined only to science fiction movies. AI has taken a huge leap from the virtual world and has straightaway landed in our real lives. It surely has left deep imprints across all the domains, verticals, and functions around us, which is quite evident to everyone. Importance of AI is undeniable.

In this article, we will be focusing on AI implications on the World Wide Web (WWW). How can we neglect websites and web apps, on which we heavily rely on day in, day out? AI certainly plays a miraculous role in revitalizing this internet-driven era which therefore put app development in focus. As customers are proverbial king, these companies are paying significant attention over customer satisfaction through AI.

How AI can fine-tune this ever expanding web-driven world?

Technology like AI in WWW proves as a powerful weapon which is like a win-win situation to both the companies and their customers. Not only it can satisfy the needs of customers but can also ensure your company’s survival in this competitive era. Customer-centric companies like Google and Amazon are heavily relying on AI to refine and personalize the search results. With AI, they try to make predictions, offer product recommendations, enhance the ultimate user experience (UX), and impart the element of ‘smartness’ in their working mechanism.

As a website or an app developer, how can you fulfill your users’ needs, when you are not even aware what they exactly want? On the other hand, if you know their preferences and choices, you will be in a better position to suffice their needs, so here comes AI to answer all your questions in this context.

1. Websites:

Despite the size, any company can use AI for its websites in its web operations. If involving AI from the very start is undoable, you can still leverage the technology by plugging AI-ready toolkits. Software as a Service (SaaS) providers can guide you on AI-ready solutions. AI is becoming the one stop solution to delight your end users.

Customer Delightment through Visual and Voice Search.

As Internet possesses abundance of content, it may lead to information overload. Finding exactly what you are looking for has become tough. Similarly, companies want themselves to be seen, they are constantly in the quest of adopting new technologies to enhance their visibility. Through AI you can achieve that, as for customers ‘typing then searching’ are going mainstream. Companies are ready to invest millions of dollars for search engine optimization through AI-powered applications, bots and chatbots.

Visual search is searching for any target (feature or object) among all the present distractors. Voice search is a speech recognition technology, where you can search your target by saying that term aloud. They both are used to improve UX. Visual search is extensively used by giant players like Google, Snapchat, Amazon, Walmart and eBay, etc. While Dominos, Ocado, Whirlpool, Paypal, Burger King, Google and Amazon are pivotal players in voice-search. Both of these search types rely heavily on AI to enhance the functionality. They act as valuable supplement and thereby complement the current search operations of the internet.

Companies are Strategizing through Website Analysis Reports.

Data is gold. Companies are strategizing and analyzing the inferences drawn from the website data. As the websites can work around the clock, action plans for E-marketing and even traditional marketing are heavily based on that. If a company is unable to analyze the data, all other efforts are futile and the data will go in vain. AI can help you in monitoring your website carefully, making modifications as per your customers’ needs, and in making SWOT analysis.

Through AI, you can create a strong marketing persona. With all the relevant data, you can now understand what your clients exactly wish for. You can cater through differentiated efforts to your segmented target audience and build a persona. AI tools and solutions can assist you in making recommendations and suggestions, when you interact with your customers. They can analyze your conversation and deliver the respective results. AI can be a trustworthy companion to your sales team, simultaneously can provide valuable insights to your customers.

AI- driven Chatbots have Become Sales Stimulating Agents.

The most stupendous application of AI is none other than chatbots. By mimicking a live chat, with 24*7 availability and functionality, chatbots have secured a significant place in a company’s day to day operations. They can effectively handle repetitive questions, general queries, and can promptly answer the questions, thereby can save your customers time. AI-driven chatbots can act more like advisors, as their working horizon is not limited to finishing off the tasks merely as assistants.

Hiring a web developer to create a personalized chatbot or using an AI chatbot tool to create programmed chatbots which are not platform specific, can help you to get started. Apart from friendliness and approachability, as a knock-on effect, chatbots can speed up your conversion rate. Few of the well-known brands which use chatbots, and which simply adore are Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Nordstrom, Pizza Hut, Uber, Marriot, Dominos, Sephora, Bank of America, Babylon, Swelly, and eBay.

2. Web Apps:

Web Apps are ruling the world, AI can aid here as it is critical for them to be based on the solid foundation of accuracy, fairness, and transparency. Web apps are depicting cognitive capabilities by using AI and thereby accelerate the pace of automation in the system. The most peculiar feature is web apps are dynamic in nature, not static, which makes the scenario more interesting and captivating.

Artificial Intelligence provides countless benefits in the realm of web apps, few of which are.

  1. Drastically improve predictive response.
  2. Enable seamless voice conversations.
  3. Enhance the content quality.
  4. Provide an astonishing user experience.
  5. Save time and efforts of users.

Few examples on how AI is making an impact over web apps are.

Amazon is a well-known retail giant, which uses item-based collaborative filtering for classifying the products. The recommendation feature in Amazon is remarkable. They are using both goods-based recommendation and buddy-based recommendation. They have an entire well framed approach to AI known as flywheel.

Netflix has redesigned its recommendation algorithms on the basis of visual impressions. They collect a huge amount of data from their user behavior and activities, and feed this valuable data into certain machine learning algorithms. And, try to understand their subscribers’ requirement in order to filter out the relevant content for them.

Google docs has leveraged Natural Language Processing (NLP), it has incorporated AI-based grammar checker, which can point out errors and can guide over the correct usage to help its users. While, Quick Draw is an AI-powered web app game, users can draw an object which neural network tries to recognize.

Microsoft tries to harness the power of AI to innovate faster and to accelerate digital transformation. It has introduced, which is an image recognition web app. It can generate captions for the photographs without any human intervention.

Wrapping Up.

In this Industry 4.0, AI is not something we should be afraid of, rather it is the future of this tech savvy world. You are definitely lagging behind in the race if you still have not opted for AI in rejuvenating and revolutionizing your web operations. AI definitely seems promising towards the future of the World Wide Web operations. Then what you are waiting for, Ace it today with AI!


  • Haresh Kumbhani

    Haresh Kumbhani

    Mar 17, 2020

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