How To Build Applications Using Blockchain In 2020

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  • Mar 17, 2020

How To Build Applications Using Blockchain In 2020
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Every person who understands technology has heard the term Blockchain!

The blockchain is a very promising invention in the digital world that created a new type of internet by allowing a secure distribution of digital information. It was first came up for digital currencies like BTC, bitcoin, then became the source of storing data securely.

Now, it is being used for the daily transactions to make financial and banking system strong and secure. There are various applications of blockchain in banking and healthcare.

A new application of blockchain technology is being built by many top blockchain development services providers. you can find several guides that tell you the methods of building a Dapp - Decentralized App!

In this article, we are also looking at the development process of a blockchain application. If you are interested in knowing the methods to create a blockchain application, then continue reading it!

Introduction To Blockchain Development

Wikipedia says, “A blockchain usually collects data like online financial transactions, timestamps in the data blocks, which are linked using cryptographic encryption techniques; thus, making data secure and safe. Once the block is filled, another block of data is chronologically added in the network that can be viewed by network members.”

Applications using blockchain protects any kind of data modification!

Like every other development process, creating a blockchain application also requires a number of stages, development phases, etc. As a purpose of blockchain application development, the developer has to delineate the scope and usage.

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Building a blockchain application is a tough task, but we have made it simple for you;

"The blockchain development consists of the following stages:

Business Analysis, Design, Preparation Stage, Development + Quality Assurance, Deployment, Maintenance & Support."

Benefits Of Blockchain Apps

Do you know why the blockchain apps have gained much popularity in a couple of years? If no then you must know these specific benefits of DApps or blockchain apps as follows:

?     A user can publicly check the online transactions anytime only if the system is working correctly. In the case of blockchain, the application always sounds secure.

?     All the updates related to data and transactions are cross-verified by other network users also, while every participant doesn’t have access to data.

?     As the blockchain is a decentralized system, it has high transparency such that all transactions and information remain anonymous.

?     Blockchain has high integrity as it guarantees no data change!

How To Create Applications Of Blockchain Technology?

As we dig more into DApps or blockchain apps working, we notice that the blockchain is a network which shares all kinds of data among its peers, while storing it chronologically in the data blocks.

It means if any information occurs in the blockchain, it is shared with all the network members, where member has the record of this action on their devices like laptop, mobile, etc.

These blocks are added one after another thus forming a blockchain. As a result, blockchain is hard to violate and you can’t steal the data from it. To set a blockchain app, you will need gigabytes to terabytes of storage space.

There are two types of blockchain networks:

?     A permissionless blockchain that is available to all the network members on any device. In this blockchain network, all users can access the shared information, interact with each other, without asking permission.

?     A permissioned blockchain gives roles and permissions to the users that are participants in the network. There are certain rules and regulations in the network that must be followed by every member of the network.

Both types of blockchain network manages operations within the business and organization.

“There are many usages of the applications of blockchain technology in industries like cybersecurity, gaming, finance, banking, real estate, healthcare, IoT, AI, and many more.”

Let’s discuss the practice of developing blockchain applications and find out how easy it is to design and develop applications using blockchain. Furthermore, we will also tell you how a top blockchain development company in USA creates Dapps!

Create Your Idea

In any business, ideation is the first requirement before you start to build web applications. The clarity of idea: what do you want to develop in the blockchain? More importantly, how your business can survive in the growing competition of blockchain application development.

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Evaluating every need is important in the first place. You must be clear in your mind in the first place and must be able to solve your Dapp - decentralized apps or blockchain apps problems by formalizing your idea with a good blockchain app development company.

Hence, find the blockchain app solutions in the existing market, find out your niche, and get the job done in a better way.

Find Out The Options

We have filtered four different ways with which you can build applications using the blockchain app with the help of current technologies:

?     You can use an open blockchain system for making your own applications. Let’s say, you can integrate digital currencies like Ethereum or Bitcoin in your mobile application solution.

?     With the help of Blockchain development technology or the blockchain software, you can create private networks.

?     You can easily integrate the cloud services in your mobile apps and web apps to choose a BaaS (Blockchain as a Service). Amazon, Microsoft Azure, etc. offers BaaS based products.

?     You can also create public blockchain networks for your website’s online transactions.

Select Good programming Languages & Platforms

There are many platforms that allow the blockchain developers to design and develop a blockchain app with the help of languages like C++, Java, JS (JavaScript), Kotlin, etc.

There are many blockchain app development companies that have various key skills of using different types of languages to develop blockchain apps.

Whether it is the healthcare industry or the banking and finance industry, there are some development platforms that can be used to build applications using blockchain.

“Ethereum, Hyperledger, R3 Corda, and Ripple are some platforms to use in building blockchain applications.”

Deployment & Maintainance Of Your DApp

Rapid development with agile methodologies is every developer’s process nowadays. After this, the deployment is the final stage of DApp development. Once the product is ready, you have to perform all the tests.

After the blockchain app errors are removed, reveal it to Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and other app markets. Start gathering the data in DApp, and check how people respond to it.

Maintain your app 24x7 as per the people’s choices and requirements in the functionalities. Also, take care of security, and keep updating the newer versions of your blockchain application.

“Currently, there are 2,600 active DApps in the market that have a great potential in them.”

 If you have an interest in making potential blockchain apps, then you can contact many top blockchain app developers in USA under a low budget.

 One thing is clear that the blockchain technology is powerful and only a few companies have integrated into blockchain. As a result, the market is open and you can deliver the best services of blockchain app development to aid your existing product securely.

These so-called DApps are secured, provide fast transactions, are more transparent, and can help many new and existing businesses. Estimate your project, and start developing a blockchain app now!

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