How to Get Your App Featured on the Google Play Store

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How to Get Your App Featured on the Google Play Store
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On the off chance that you need your application to succeed, being included on the Google Play Store is a significant advance. 

However, with more than 2.5 million applications (interface is outside) presently accessible on the Google Play Store and more than 1,300 applications (connect is outer) joining the rundown every day, the challenge for getting an application seen by most of clients is getting stiffer step by step. 

The absolute number of Android applications accessible on the Google Play Store exeeds 2.5 million as of November 2018, as indicated by AppBrain (interface is outside). 

The Google Play store contains a large number of applications. 

Regardless of whether you avoid low-quality applications, there are still more than 2.2 million applications to rival so as to get your application highlighted on the Play Store. 

There are techniques, nonetheless, that can help your application acquire acknowledgment. The Google Play Store includes various waitlists – including pined for spot like Editors' Choice, Staff Picks, and Featured – that minister applications and drive thoughtfulness regarding them. 

Consideration on one of these rundowns can prompt more downloads, more clients, and more fans around the world. 

In spite of the fact that Google has set no particular criteria for applications to get highlighted, there are as yet a few strategies that you can use to expand the odds of your application being included on the Google Play Store. 

For what reason Does Google Have Lists of Featured Apps? 

Google distributes arrangements of included applications for two fundamental reasons: expanding discoverability and perceiving extraordinary work. 

Initially, Google Play's rundowns help clients effectively find extraordinary applications. With a great many applications accessible on the Play Store, it's hard for the clients to distinguish which application can satisfy their prerequisites best. 

By adding an application to a highlighted rundown, Google guarantees clients that it conveys ease of use, usefulness, and security. 

Second, Google Play's rundowns perceive engineers for their remarkable work. 

Nothing is more dampening for an Android designer than watching his or her work get lost among a great many different applications. Highlighted records and classifications bolster designers who contribute extraordinary and valuable Android applications to the Google Play Store. 

Included application records are similarly helpful for both Android clients and designers. 

Why Being Featured on the Google Play Store Matters 

Other than acquiring a point of pride and improving your application's online notoriety, getting your application included on the Play Store has a heap of advantages. 

A portion of these advantages include: 

Upgraded application perceivability 

Higher quantities of application downloads 

Expanded income 

High caliber, drew in clients 

Simpler application advancement 

For instance, getting an Editors' Choice identification can build your application downloads from multiple times up to an astounding multiple times, as per Sensor Tower (interface is outer). 

An Editors' Choice identification can help downloads. 

The figure above shows how accepting an editors' decision identification straightforwardly influences the occasions an application is downloaded. 

With such a significant number of potential advantages, it's advantageous to give your application the most ideal opportunity to be included on the Google Play Store. 

The Google Play Store Has 3 Key Lists 

Google Play distributes 3 principle records highlighting applications: Popular, New, and Curated. Every one of these rundowns additionally contains a few subcategories. 

The "Prominent" list incorporates 4 subcategories: 

Top Free: All-time most prominent free applications 

Top Paid: All-time most prominent paid applications 

Top Grossing: Apps and recreations driving the most astounding income 

Drifting Apps: Apps with high establishment rate over the most recent 24 hours 

The "New" list incorporates 2 subcategories: 

Top New Free: Most prominent free applications that are less than 30 days old from the date of distribution 

Top New Paid: Most prominent paid applications that are less than 30 days old from the date of distribution 

The Google Play group likewise clergymen 4 records: 

Highlighted: Newly propelled applications 

Staff Picks: An as often as possible refreshed rundown of staff-chose applications 

Editors' Choice: The best Android applications ever 

Top Developer: The best application designers on the Play Store 

With such a significant number of records, there are a lot of chances to streamline your application to build its odds of being highlighted on one of them. 

11 Ways to Get Your App Featured on the Google Play Store 

There are 11 key advances you should take to build your application's risks of being highlighted on the Google Play store: 

Investigate other highlighted applications 

Improve (UI) and client experience (UX) 

Refine usefulness and effectiveness 

Advance for Android 

Influence Google innovations 

Concentrate on application store improvement 

Limit your application 

Advance your application 

Work with influencers 

Accumulate evaluations and audits 

Update your application 

1. Break down Other Featured Apps 

The initial move toward being highlighted on a Google Play Store list is examining applications that have just been included. 

Complete a touch of research on the Play Store, pick some applications with marks like Editors' Pick and Top Developer, and introduce them all alone Android telephone. 

At that point, break down the applications, focusing on what attributes they share for all intents and purpose. Specifically, analyze the applications' plan, usefulness, and everything that makes them emerge from comparable applications in the classification. You will find similitudes and better comprehend for what reason they're highlighted on the Play Store. 

At long last, execute your takeaways from those applications into your own application to support your application's odds of getting highlighted on the Google Play Store. 

2. Make Your App UI and UX Top-Notch 

On the off chance that you profoundly dissect the absolute best Android applications ever, you'll see they all make them thing in like manner: a consistent UI combined with an extraordinary client experience. 

Effective applications center around keeping up a great UI and conveying a one of a kind, intelligent, and reliable experience over all portable and tablet gadgets. 

As indicated by Google, all Android applications should execute Material Design rules (connect is outside) in their UIs. In the event that you neglect to execute these rules, overlook the fantasy of your application getting chose as an Editors' Choice. 

Truth be told, following the Material Design models set by Google is the as a matter of first importance essential to get an application included on the Play Store. 

3. Refine Your App's Functionality and Efficiency 

Regardless of how extraordinary your Android application configuration is, it will never get a passage to the Editors' Choice area on the off chance that it neglects to meet useful and client connection quality criteria set by Google. 

Before you transfer the last APK document to the Google Play Store, ensure you have tried it against Android App Quality Guidelines (connect is outer). These rules give engineers best practices to improve generally speaking client experience. They likewise give pieces of information for what is vital for an application to meet all requirements for the Play Store's highlighted area. 

Following these rules, especially Core App Quality Guidelines (connect is outer), will enable you to refine the usefulness and proficiency of your recently constructed Android application, guaranteeing that you convey the most ideal client experience. 

4. Make Your App Android-Friendly 

To get your Android application according to Play Store editors, you need to make it as Android-accommodating as would be prudent. 

In the event that your application was initially created for iOS, ensure it: 

Pursues Google's Launch Checklist (connect is outside) 

Supports high-goals (720p) shows 

Fuses the default Android catches 

Is accessible for each sort of gadget, including tablets 

Bolster most recent and up and coming adaptations of Android 

Is a customized Native application, work for Android just (or, in any event, for Android first) 

Has a restricted record estimate under 100MB or less 

Following this agenda guarantees your application will work flawlessly for Android clients. 

5. Influence the Latest Google Technologies 

Consistently, Google presents various items and advances for engineers at its yearly I/O designer meeting (interface is outer). 

Google rewards applications that are fabricated utilizing its most recent innovations, for example, Firebase (interface is outside), Flutter (connect is outer), and Action on Google (connect is outside). 

On the off chance that you become an early adopter of these innovations, the odds of your application getting highlighted on the Play Store will improve. 

6. Focus on App Store Optimization 

A great many people know about site design improvement (SEO), which includes upgrading a site for web index results. So also, application store improvement (ASO) alludes to the way toward streamlining a versatile application to rank higher in application stores like Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 

To improve the perceivability of your versatile application in the Play Store, focus on the accompanying variables: 

Symbol: Make beyond any doubt your application symbol is sufficiently attractive to catch clients' eye at first sight. 

Title: Optimize your application title with important watchword phrases. 

Depiction: Keep your application's portrayal short, sweet, and basic. Ensure that it plainly outlines for clients what your application is and why they should attempt it. 

Watchwords: Target catchphrases with high hunt volumes and low challenge. 

Screen captures: Upload some top notch screen captures of your application and if conceivable, make and transfer a 15-30 second video to make clients increasingly acquainted with the usefulness of your application. 

For instance, Pixlr, a free photograph altering application, has transferred a few high-goals, enlightening screen captures to plainly demonstrate clients what the application is about. The application's distributer even included a 1-minute initial video to additionally indicate clients what they can do with the application. 

Pixlr utilizes a video to improve its perceivability. 

As should be obvious in the above pictures, Pixlr viably utilizes subtitles to plainly tell clients what the application does and how it capacities. 

7. Restrict Your App 

With more than 2 billion dynamic Android clients everywhere throughout the globe, offering your application in whatever number dialects as would be prudent additionally assumes an essential job in getting your application included on the Play Store. 

Restricting your application into a few dialects is dependably a shrewd choice and can help increment your application's odds of being highlighted on the Google Play St

8. Promote Your App Effectively
In addition to optimizing your app for the Google Play Store, promote your app on various social networks and tech platforms as much as possible.

Investing time and effort into promotion will not only help you get more downloads for your app but also will boost your app’s credibility across the web. Apps that attract users and buzz are more likely to catch the eye of Google Play Store who might feature it on a list

To promote your mobile app, you should:

Create an effective landing page for the app
Advertise your app with AdWords
Promote your app on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter
Publish reviews of your app on trusted tech publications like Android Authority and Android Central
Publish a press release to earn media coverage from outlets with high domain authority
These promotion efforts will give your app the best possible chance of success.

9. Establish Relationships With Influencers
Maintaining healthy, long-lasting relationships with influencers in your industry is also a key to getting your app featured on the Play Store.

Android developers should build a relationships with influencers by:

Connecting with Google Play Store managers and editors via LinkedIn
Getting in touch with your regional mobile solutions lead
Contacting a fellow developers and teams who are already featured
Cultivating a strong professional network can boost your visibility in a crowded industry.

10. Keep Your Ratings and Reviews High
User experience and user satisfaction have always been top priorities for Google. The Google Play Store Editorial Team considers these same factors when determining whether to feature an app.

If you thoroughly analyze the Play Store, you’ll find that more than 50% of featured apps have a rating of 4.5 or higher (link is external).

Higher ratings and reviews increase the chances of an app being featured.

So if you really want to get your app featured, make sure it has at least 50,000 downloads and a 4.5 rating.

To gain high numbers of downloads and improve your app ratings, you should:

Deliver outstanding user experience
Make your app free at aunch
Market your app as much as you can
Incentivize users to review your app
Motivate users to make referras
Invest in high-quaity, engaging content
Leverage infuencer and community outreach
Host a giveaway on socia media
Put a ink to your app in your email signature
Following these tips can attract users, generate reviews, and ultimately improve your app’s chances of landing on a featured list.

11. Keep Your App Up-to-Date
Google and users alike prefer apps that are frequently updated.

This doesn’t mean you need to add a completely new feature to your app every day. Instead, you should track problems users are facing with your app and provide solutions through regular updates.

Don’t forget to update your application on special occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year. This is the perfect time for your app to get noticed since the Play Store editors are likely to curate a list of seasonal apps on special occasions.

For example, to celebrate the spirit of New Year, the Play Store editors are now curating the lists of Best Android Apps and Games of 2018 (link is external).

App Developers Should Strive to Be Featured on the Google Play Store
By following these best practices, you can increase your chances of securing a reputable place in Google Play Store's featured section.

Above all, Android should prioritize delivering seamless user experience, an engaging user interface, and eye-catching marketing to achieve success on Google Play.


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