iOS 13 vs. Android 10: How Apple and Google match up

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  • Sep 18, 2019

iOS 13 vs. Android 10: How Apple and Google match up
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Top Android Q Features in Detail

1. Foldable Phone Support
What’s a phone without its mobile operating systems? Shards of plastic, metal, and glass perhaps? It is the software that makes your device functional.

But, there’s no stopping technology; it only keeps getting better, more sophisticated. If the devices are upped, the software needs revamping, too.

Google recognized it early enough with Samsung announcing potential foldable phones in the future and hinting at the untapped potential of mobile devices. Also, because other OEMs have jumped onto the bandwagon, the tech giant is all set to welcome innovation.

2. Multi-Resume
To complement the multi-window functionality, Android Q has brought forth the multi-resume feature, which will allow two or more apps to run simultaneously, without pausing. Yes, there were the split-screen, freeform and picture-in-picture modes earlier.

But, the only app to be in the resumed state was the one in focus. All other activities in plain sight were paused.

While instructions for multi-window were provided by Google, app developers hardly followed the recommendations. As a result, apps in the paused state crashed, stopped or refused updates. This was a major drawback, which has now been corrected.

With Android Q, an upgraded PiP mode and Split Screen will be available, which will allow apps in the background to function normally while users focus on the primary app. Samsung already has a ‘MultiStar’ module in Good Lock for this. Other devices are working on bringing similar native support.

3. Vulkan Graphics API
This one is pure developer stuff. Android Q might use Vulkan Graphics API for UI rendering. These are cross-platform 3D graphics API that deliver fantastic user experience.

Way back during the times of Android Oreo, Google had tinkered on a hardware-accelerated OpenGL backend to the Skia Graphics Engine, which saw daylight in Android P.

It’s a good thing the tech giant hasn’t stopped there and plans to implement Vulkan instead. This was confirmed by a Google engineer when he commented on the open source Chromium Gerrit, referring to a bug report on the implementation of Vulkan Graphics API for Google Chrome on Android.

Top iOS 13 Features in Detail

1. Overhauled Photos App
Apple has raised the bar for photo and video editing on the go! With iOS 13, the Photos app gets an overhaul, allowing users to curate their entire photo library while highlighting time, day, month, and year.

This powerful photo editing tool further showcases a user-friendly interface with multiple new functionalities that can dismiss camera roll clutter, simplify organizing and browsing, and fine-tune photos using noise reduction, highlight, brilliance, shadows, contrast, and sharpness. With it, photo editing has turned more comprehensive, intuitive, and intelligent.

iOS 13 is also great news for videographers who can now add filters, crop, and rotate footages on the device for the first time ever! In short, the latest iOS has opened up newer possibilities of creativity and control in the field of photo and video editing.

2. Sign-in With Apple
With the all new Sign-in With Apple it is now easy for users to log into third-party websites and apps without compromising on data safety. This feature makes use of your existing Apple ID to authenticate the login via Touch or Face ID and using a single-use randomized email id.

3. Location Data Limits
New location services controls have been introduced in iOS 13 to limit data sharing with applications. Users will now get more choices regarding the way they want to share location data with apps.

This would include a brand new one-time location option using which users will give access to apps to view location just one time.

Also, Apple will notify when apps running in the background use location data. This is a sincere attempt to protect user’s privacy and acts as an additional barrier alongside the Sign-in With Apple feature.


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