Know How AI Technology is Transforming Business Solutions

  • Tarun Nagar
  • May 07, 2019

Know How AI Technology is Transforming Business Solutions
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The intelligence presented by the machines to interact in certain environments is called Artificial Intelligence (AI); when in the computer sciences a machine solves problems by imitating human responses to certain stimuli, the aforementioned term applies.

With the advancement of technology, and due to the speed with which software is updated today, AI usually goes unnoticed. Example of this is the common thing that results to many people the facial recognition that photographs implement social networks, system previously used only by the secret services of world powers.

Artificial intelligence and business

Just as there are still many people who are reluctant to use AI in daily life, so we also find companies that do not use new technologies to the full, squandering the potential that this brings to their business objectives.

Customer Support

According to many studies, people decide to change their company and hire app developer because they have an unpleasant experience in their care. So also people do not like to be served by computer systems that are not very intelligent. Therefore, a good investment of a project in expansion or already settled, is to acquire customer service based on Artificial Intelligence. But this area is only one that can maximize benefits from AI, some of them are:

  • Customer Support
  • Informatics security
  • Business administration
  • Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Processes
  • Marketing and sales

Artificial Intelligence and Business Processes

Artificial intelligence solutions that Microsoft extended in Dynamics 365, transform critical business situations, applications and services to help business users to reinvent the processes they use every day.

The world market for artificial intelligence (AI) does nothing but grow. And it could not be otherwise, if we consider the power of this technology to transform business and the world.

In the business world, more and more companies are choosing to incorporate AI-based solutions to experience significant improvements in terms of sales and optimization, which after a time translates into greater profitability: the desire of every organization with mercantile activity.

Customer service as the cardinal element of sales and marketing of companies such as web development company, mobile application development company etc. processes deserves great efforts for its perfection. The Chatbots Conversational has made a substantial improvement in this respect by streamlining customer requirements that communicate via chat or phone. The Chatbots process and analyze customer information from first contact to provide useful and effective options. And even when many people prefer personal attention, the truth is that, in many cases, the levels of excellence of the machines make them go unnoticed as such.

Purchase prediction

The savings in money that can be achieved with the anticipation of needs clearly justifies the use of an AI solution. We talk about inventory management, production chains, promotion and sales, etc. In this environment predictive analysis algorithms are used for the computer to decide what the next step that the AI Development Company should take in terms of operational and commercial. Offer of coupons and discounts, as well as targeted advertising or geo-location are some of the ways in which AI can materialize in the transactional environment.

Fraud detection

Companies from the banking and financial sectors, commerce, and insurance, among others that allow online payments use artificial intelligence to combat fraud. In simple terms, what the computer does is to receive large samples of fraudulent and non-fraudulent purchases. Subsequently, it is asked to learn to look for signals to classify transactions in one way or another. After sufficient training, the machine can detect fraud and prevent both the company and its customers from being affected by the crime.

These forms of application are not all that can be experienced in the organization, the scope of the AI ??with difficulty can be calculated. Being a technology that "learns alone", its abilities do not stop growing and passing through everything that escapes human possibilities. Far from frightening, this must mean an opportunity to improve all aspects of life.

Artificial Intelligence for Companies

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a reality that is increasingly integrated into more solutions used in everyday life. Whether in the home or productive environment, the incidence of technology capable of perceiving, learning, reasoning, guiding decision-making and acting to solve problems (AI) is a difficult fact to overlap. The visionary companies are the ones that get the most out of this powerful derivative of information technology; when you think of a provider, one in particular stands out.

When talking about the future of technological innovation, corporations with a rather high disruptive character jump; Microsoft, undoubtedly, is one of the most outstanding in the business world.

Given that for decades it is in a privileged place among all the AI Development Company on a global scale, the organization that today leads Satya Nadella offers solutions for all the industries of the planet. The policy to democratize the technology that the company has been executing since its creation has facilitated the consolidation of the digital era. It has also allowed us to experience a huge amount of benefits in all the sectors that have led to the transformation of businesses, markets and consumers.

Microsoft's vision focuses on the creation and improvement of an intelligent environment driven by several technologies that have been used as artificial intelligence enablers. These range from the cloud, the sensory, the interaction technologies (recognition of patterns, movements, and languages), the visualization technologies, the internet of things, the systems for business management (ERP, CRM, and BI), the analytical of data and collaborative environments to robotics, digital channels (web), among others whose scope cannot yet be calculated.

In terms of application, the Microsoft IA has allowed that in the manufacturing sector compliance with security measures can be easily monitored; in the medical field, it has helped to determine diagnoses or to know the level of recidivism of a patient. It has also helped predict natural disasters such as earthquakes; guided vehicles; expected delay of aircraft; streamlining quality control in the manufacture of circuits, integrate Chatbots for purchase processes, etc.

However, many of the uses of AI are not perceived as such, because by mentioning it, many people still consider it an element of science fiction, they do not realize that it is really immersed in the infrastructure of all industries. And this is probably one of Microsoft's greatest achievements: to integrate into everyday life what seems utopian or unattainable.

After an extended AI, what will come for the business environment? According to the Bill Gates Company, we are already working on the media that will make current a quantum-driven era, as it is to be inferred, by quantum computing that will further revolutionize data processing by opening new logical doors for its treatment. An identifiable challenge will be marked by accessibility. However, it will not be surprising that Microsoft continues to open the way for its products to continue to reach companies and people in a way that maintains its leadership.


  • Tarun Nagar

    Tarun Nagar

    May 07, 2019

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