List of misconceptions about web development

  • Amit Agrawal
  • Jun 11, 2019

List of misconceptions about web development
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In the digital era, websites are the most important thing for any business industry. It is the prime component of every custom software development company in the business world today. Earlier, companies did not give importance to website development. However, nowadays the websites are the most important part of sales, marketing, and branding. People spend most of their time on their smartphones.

According to a survey, it is said that an average person tends to spend about six to seven hours of their day on their mobile phones. About 70% of the smartphone holders are likely to shop everything online. People tend to visit the websites of the company before actually visiting their stores. This has turned out to be beneficial for many e-commerce industries. Not only the industries, but this has also increased the demand of web programming company developers worldwide. The companies hire web professionals for developing and maintaining their company websites.

Some of the common misconceptions about web development

Website development is one of the most important things that the company needs to develop for proper branding and marketing. Not only the companies of the e-commerce industries, but companies of all kinds need to have their websites. As per the web development service providers, the era of digitalization has revolutionized the way the industry used to work. Website development is one of the prime factors to stand out in the business world. However, the lack of knowledge has developed various misconceptions about web development. Some of them are listed below.

1) Anyone can develop a website

Website design and development takes a lot of time and hard work. Although, many online software and tools give an opportunity to the individuals to develop websites on their own with easy drag and drop options and multiple features and themes. It is not always a great idea for a huge company to develop a website by themselves.

As per much website development company, high-end website with amazing features and SEO requires hard work which can only be done by trained professionals. The coding and decoding process to develop every feature from scratch presents a different kind of impression on the customers and is way better than the readymade online sites.

2) Designers should follow the client’s ways

The companies are often in a misconception that since they are paying for the project, they get to take the calls for the design. However, that is not right. The professional web developers are hired for their expertise and skills in online and digital marketing.

The designs and the codes are developed by skilled professionals for the better growth of the company. However, feedback and requirements can be provided to the web developers to implement. Pressurizing the web developer to follow instructions and not allowing them to open up their ideas can result deadly for any company.

3) With the completion of web development, the job is done

According to the custom software development company developing a website can never be complete. The technology is constantly changing and so are the features. The websites need to be constantly updated and introduced to high-end technologies. An inactive website can turn down the customers and reduce traffic.

Therefore, a website must be regularly maintained with a great content management system and blog publishes. Not updating the website regularly can become a huge loss for the company.

4) The traffic pops up right after the website is developed

Many companies have a misconception that the public pops up right after the website is developed and published in the market. To bring traffic to a website, proper branding, and marketing among the public is very important. The web programming company website needs months of branding in the public with attractive campaigns and hoardings.

 Teamwork and website optimization are two important ways to promote business. To get a high return on investment, the company will need a good strategy and time.

5) Any kind of site can be copied for web development

Many companies prefer to copy the website of other companies for their website. This is not legal for startup companies and a terrible idea for any other mid-size or big company. The copy of other websites layouts can be a big disadvantage for the companies. A brand new idea of the website not only impresses the customers but also helps the company to stand out in the market. 

6) Web designs are cheap

Sometimes it seems that a simple and beautiful website is easy and cheap to create. This can be pretty frustrating for web designers and developers. A website takes a lot of hard work and time to develop and design. Many professionals separately take web development service courses to develop unique and high-end websites for companies.

Many agencies provide trained professional developers to the companies as a team or a full stack individual developer. High-Cost website development is an investment that will eventually be paid off with time.

7) Any editing on the website is free

It is lame to think that any change that is required in the website is cost-free. A website takes a lot of time and hard work to develop. Often many companies require certain changes in their websites; this might charge money from the companies sometimes. After the publishing of a website, a certain period is provided to the company to make any kind of changes or issues cost-free. However, after the time is over any kind of changes that the company requires would cost certain amounts.


With advancing technologies, websites play a vital role in every company. The technology is bringing new updates in the market every day and therefore regular updating in the websites is mandatory. Website Development Company can cost a fortune and with that, the misconception about websites is increasing. The main reason behind the misconception among the people is the lack of knowledge about web development and designs.


  • Amit Agrawal

    Amit Agrawal

    Jun 11, 2019

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