Micro-mobility is the Future of Urban Transportation

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  • Sep 10, 2019

Micro-mobility is the Future of Urban Transportation
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Micro-mobility is the Future of Urban Transportation!

Will the micromobility market win the market or lose the market? This question has become a common discussion topic in the logistic industry. Previously when we talk about vehicle first things we’d probably think of cars, buses, scooters, and bikes. But recently, there has been a new inclusion in the vehicle industry, and we whoop them micro-mobility vehicles. 

According to the study, since 2015 stakeholders have invested more than $5.7 billion in micromobility start-ups, with more than 85% targeting China. The market has already gained a strong customer base only in few years. 

In the recent year, Micromobility has offered huge opportunities for cities and mobile app development companies and potentially solved many transportation challenges like congestion, emissions, and air quality, uneven access to transit. 

Despite the glittery start, it may be fitted to both micromobility providers and mobile app development companies if they work hand-in-hand for the betterment of the transport industries. 

Let’s talk about micro mobility in deep. 

What is a Micromobility Vehicle?

Micromobility is a solution for short-distance travel. In other words, it's a new category of transportation used to describe travel solutions for short distances. According to McKinsey, Nearly 60% of car trips are less than 8 kilometers all around the globe and could benefit from micromobility solutions. 

Micromobility offers very light vehicles such as electric scooters, electric skateboards, bicycles, and electric pedal-assisted and pedelec. 

Why do Cities Need Electric Scooters?

Today most countries are facing congestion and pollution issues because of rapid urbanization that has put severe pressure on public transportation systems. In the US, nearly 46% of car traffic is caused by cars on short-distance trips and according to INRIX the US spent 42 hours in traffic congestion in 2014.

To solve this problem, countries are focusing on micro-mobility solutions and contacting Logistics software companies to come up with new solutions that can solve congestion and pollution problem. 

Traffic is getting worse and worse. In 2015, the average commute for Americans went up by 24 seconds.

Why Micro-mobility is so important?

Micro-mobility holds the potential to transform the logistics industry by reducing snarl-up in transportation. It is not limited to bicycles, motorized skateboards, e-rickshaws, and motorbikes, it is much more than we think. 

Micromobility will definitely play a key role in solving some of the main challenges related to the environment and will save the time of transportation. So it is important for cities and countries to start pouring it into their transportation system. Micro-mobility companies like Grin and Yellow are offering commodious mobile digital wallets and Fintech mobile app functionality. These companies will allow customers to purchase ride credits with cash at attractive discounts, and then allow them to avail these ride credits for other payments like utility bills, shops, and restaurants.

Micro mobility vehicles are important for private customers and for sharing operators. For the development of the digital payment app, logistics companies are taking into account both mobile app development companies and freelance mobile app developers to integrate a digital wallet into their micro-mobility vehicles. 

How can E-scooter Companies take the Benefits of Micromobility?

Previously E- scooter economy was inconsistent but now it started showing positive aspects for companies. E- scooter companies can take the benefits of micro mobility as:

Interchangeable rechargeable batteries will appreciably reduce the cost of wireman.

E-scooters with better materials, efficient construction, and larger wheels can increase its durability.

 Future of Micro-mobility 

“In Europe alone, five e-scooter companies have emerged and raised over $150 million of capital since the start of 2018”. So we can assume that the future of Micro-mobility is quite bright. 

  • E-scooters can bring you to the bus station and then you can fold it into your bag. 
  • It is very handy and can easily move even on congested routes.
  • Does not take extra space for parking

Limitations of Micro Mobility

Here are some limitations of micro mobility:

  • Old age will find it difficult to use micro-mobility.
  • Just like regular vehicles, micro-mobility requires someone with an able body to ride it.
  • People suffering from some injuries, disabilities can find it difficult to use.
  • If countries/cities have unstructured roads then it's difficult to use these vehicles. 
  • Many e-scooters even have trouble carrying someone over 100kg (220lbs).
  • If your country’s roads don’t have good support for bikes or scooters, then using e-bikes and e-scooters won’t be any different.

Summing up 

China is going far with micro-mobility and e-bikes have become a part of daily lives. The industry is spreading its wings each day, and it’s all about which company will take the reigns.

Will big players of transportation companies like Uber and Lyft start considering micro mobility? Or will a new startup come to a halt and dominate the industry? The possibilities are endless. Micro-mobility is a long race horse and will definitely stay.  


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