Tips for writing guest posts/guest blog and choosing relevant publishing sites

  • Anmol Kumar
  • Aug 20, 2019

Tips for writing guest posts/guest blog and choosing relevant publishing sites
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Reasons for guest blogging:

There are many reasons why a writer starts publishing their writing on various blogging sites. The main reasons for guest blogging have been elaborated below:

?      To establish himself as a powerful and famous writer in the writing industry.

?      To get traffic back to his own website

?      To create backlinks to his own site.

Knowing the reasons will help everyone to choose the right blog for submitting guest blog posts.


How to write an ideal guest blog:

There are certain tips to write a blog post and those are mentioned below:

 1) Going through the rules and regulations: The most important thing is to follow the given rules and regulations. Basically, the guest blog has a higher chance to be selected, if the writer follows the guidelines properly, which is set by the editor. The guidelines are generally full of rules, which are mainly related to:

?       Biography or a photograph of the author.

?        The number of links that the writer has got permission to mention in his blog posts.

?       The total number of the count of words.

?       Writing style, the genre of the content and type of writing, that the writer’s readers expect from him and eventually fulfills his purpose.

The editor should have the capacity to give the writers some samples of great content, which were published on the blog.

 2) Highlight the strength: The second most important thing is to focus on the things that the writer writes the best. It’s a proven fact that the readers appreciate uniqueness, new ideas, and visions. The writers don’t necessarily have to give his entire thought process out in the open for the public domain; they only need a sneak peek through his amazing writing skills. The author should also provide the making of the whole story, materials of the story and the whole product of his hard work to the editor to make sure that they have a good interaction session so that his opportunity to become a guest blogger rapidly increases.

3) Keep the flow of the writing: The writing should be interesting enough to engage the readers. It should look like an effortless piece, though it can take the writers many days to write this. Each and every sentence should be connected to the next one.

4) Follow a pattern which should be easy to find through the search engine: The caption says it all. Google only accepts certain types of blog posts. Some quick tips to follow this structure:

?      H1 header tags are only used on the post title. Other tags like H2, H3 can be used to arrange the post.

?      Only short and clear photographs will be used.

?      Usage of bullet points when necessary.

?      Numbering the recipe or instruction steps when needed.

This pattern also helps the publishing companies, by saving their time. They can easily copy and paste it, which makes their job way easier than before.

 5) Use focus keywords: Some writers are habituated in writing for keyword density. If the writer uses focus keywords, then they will learn to select the keywords that are most desired. They should use the focus keywords in…

?      The title of the post

?      The paragraph that comes first

?      Copy of the body of the text

?      Meta description, though it’s not always required.

If the writer is writing for a normal keyword, then he should also use particular long-tail keywords.

 6) Proofreading the writing: Editors generally go through the entire writing before publishing it, but the writer himself should read it at least once before the submission to get rid of silly mistakes like the errors of grammar and spelling. A responsible writer should also check the keywords as well as the links, which he has mentioned in the content. They should also use plagiarism tool so that they can easily avoid plagiarism, just because they didn’t cover their tracks and their mentioned sources are still visible, which automatically made their writing a duplicated content.

 7) Usage of photographs: Editors receive tons of writing every single day. That’s why when a guest blogger gives photograph; it reflects through their piece that they have worked really hard for the presentation. It also reduces the work of the editor, which can eventually become a plus point for the writer. According to various experts, a guest blogger should give some kind of visual treat after writing a minimum of 300 words.

8) Having confidence in the writing: Guest bloggers should understand they have been chosen by the editors because they are the experts in their respective fields. So they need to have a certain amount of confidence in them and that should also reflect in their writing. But they should also listen to the editors. If he suggests something then the bloggers should always consider that for creating quality content. One of the surest ways to be confident of your writing is running your content through the eyes of copy content detector which will eliminate any chances of unintentional plagiarism.

 9) Providing CTA (Call to Action): Usually, a writer’s call to action depends on the type of content and the guidelines given by the editor. The blogger should ask his readers to comment so that he can understand their thought process and try to improve his writing. The writer should write back to the readers. It will make both the reader and the e-book publisher happy.

 10) Providing Unique Content: The traffic to a blogging site depends a lot on the uniqueness of the content. Therefore, when the writer is putting up a blog on a site it is important to check for plagiarism. There are many plagiarism tools but the best will be the one that gives an accurate result so that later on the ranking of the site does not go down because often search engines by this way or even by removing the content from the ranking page. If that happens, that's a huge loss faced by the blogger, so the blogger should do lots of research and should have enough control over the language so that unique content is produced without much problem. One should brainstorm unique ideas; only then coming up with unique content is possible. What needs to be kept in mind is that writing high-quality content is equally important as much as unique and authentic content.

 How to get the opportunity for guest blogging:

The most crucial part of guest blogging is to find a good opportunity. When a writer searches for a good website to guest blog, he should keep in mind that the website should be closely connected to his/her industry. They need to look for blogs that fulfill the following norms: 

A. The content should be focused on the writer’s industry.

B. The blog readers will take an interest in the blogger’s niche.

C. The blog needs to have a good number of readership, means the blog posts have been commented and shared socially.

D. The owner of the blog is very active in social media sites.

The above-mentioned things will help the bloggers to find the appropriate website for writing content for sure.

 Role of search engines in guest blogging:

Google is no doubt one of the best search engines ever created on earth. That’s why it is one of the best places to look for opportunities for guest posting. Writers can use any of the below-mentioned keywords to find guest blog acceptable sites. They just have to replace the word keyword from their own niche.

?      Keyword “guest post by”

?      Keyword “guest post guidelines”

?      Keyword “guest post”

?      Keyword “accepting guest posts”

?      Keyword “submit a guest post”

These searchers will take the writers to the publishing sites, where guest posts are submitted, and guideline page for guideposts or real guest posts posted by other writers.

How people become famous guest bloggers?

If the writer reads enough blogs about his niche, then he must be familiar with some names who often write for other people. The bloggers can easily find them by using Google; they just need to type the name of the guest bloggers by adding the phrase “guest post by”. That’s how they will find all the names of the sites, in which the guest bloggers have posted their writing, and they will know which sites are good for content marketing.


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