Top 10 Most Famous Companies Using Golang

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  • May 16, 2020

Top 10 Most Famous Companies Using Golang
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Golang is the most youthful individual from the programming language family. It was produced for satisfying the necessities of designers dealing with huge size ventures. It has increased tremendous fame among numerous tech monster organizations, on account of its cutting edge and straightforward structure. This constrained huge organizations to recruit Golang designer from the Golang advancement organization for the improvement and upkeep of their applications and sites. 

Which are the organizations utilizing Go? 

Golang is hugely well known among designers, and key players in different enterprises broadly use Golang improvement administrations. 


Golang was created by Google designers, and it is being utilized there for some inward tasks. In view of its effortlessness and execution, different administrations of Google as been modified in Golang, for example, 

  • - 
  • - The hotspot for google chrome 
  • - Android SDK 
  • - Earth 
  • - Large google downloads 

A large number of Google's enormous client confronting administrations like and likewise use Golang. 

Other than this, different little activities of Google are fabricated using Go. Google Earth and Google Chrome were built up along these lines. It is utilized in the Google application motor just as YouTube. 


In excess of a hundred administrations of Uber have been written in Golang. Such one help of Uber is Geobase, which is the latest assistance written in Golang. This administration matches rider to the driver, sharding the coordinating across machines. 

Truth be told, it controls the majority of the high QPS (questions every second) administrations at Uber. The datastore schemaless sharding layer of Uber was in Python. In any case, as the business extended, their asset use and latencies developed. They required an answer for executing great at scale for keeping the Schemaless performant. In this manner they change the Schemaless' armada of Python specialist hubs into Golang. 

According to Kai Wei from Uber, the organization's experience working with Golang has been sure. There has been thankfulness for the straightforwardness with which Java, C++, or Node engineers can change to Golang and for the high transmission capacity and deferred execution. 


It is a computer game live spilling stage, which has center around streams music communicate, eSports rivalry, imaginative substance, and some more. 

Golang is used for the most-stacked frameworks at Twitch. It is applauded for its coherence, security, productivity and effortlessness. It handles the issues happening while synchronous visits and showing the live recordings of an enormous number of clients impeccably. 

To execute the RTMP stream into HTML streams, Twitch's transcode framework utilizes the blend of C++ and Golang. 

It is stunning to realize that Twitch improved multiple times trash assortment (GC) factor obligated for overseeing progressively allotted memory as a result of Golang. It is utilized for giving the video gushing of the highest caliber on Twitch. 


Medium is an online stage for blogging and distributing. Also, Go is utilized for picture preparing at Medium. Golang is utilized for building the database administration in Medium and dealing with the database, as the administrations of this stage are written in Golang. Medium uses Go in light of its extraordinary proficiency in taking care of a lot of information. 


It is a video-sharing application situated in France. This application has an attention on video content creation, gaming and live spilling, so the client can get to any games for finding live streams that are being played progressively. 

It utilizes Golang for performing mechanization tests a few times in a month on the grounds that Golang is amazing and quick for taking care of huge computerization tests. It is likewise utilized for different backend improvement ventures for its static kind effortlessness, speed and checking. 


BBC is a notable supporter around the world, which utilized Go in 2012 for its backend improvement. Golang is utilized for creation in different mediums like social and portable applications. For an inside examination item, they assemble their own online life scrubbers and crawlers written in Golang. 


It is perhaps the greatest organization utilizing Golang, which is an online music sharing and sound appropriation stage. It is one of the greatest online music spilling stages with in excess of 175 month to month client base over the globe. It was created and conveyed with Go, and it likewise utilizes Go for dealing with the organizations of other inward administrations as well. 

It settled on the choice to utilize Golang alongside Ruby on Rails. Their software engineer portrayed it as a WYSIWYG language, which implied that the code entered does likewise as what is seen on the page. Also, they applauded the way of thinking of "one issue one arrangement," which requires less time for considering code. 

It was significant for SoundCloud to have the capacity of performing static investigation continuously, which became conceivable on account of the Gloang's static composing and quick aggregation highlights. What's more, this prompted huge speeding up to application work. 

For the present, Soundcloud is utilizing six administrations written in Go and numerous archives too. 


This stage furnishes its clients with a constant comprehension of the exhibition and soundness of their application. The expository motor Answer, which controls the Fabric is worked with Golang. There are around five billion investigative meetings for each day and a huge number of occasions sent by various gadgets consistently to Answer Endpoint. Subsequently administrations of Fabric are written in Go for effortlessness of code and simple direct scaling. 


It is an innovator in distributed computing administrations utilizing Golang. It needs Golang for scaling its framework all the more productively. Dropbox is intending to extend Go libraries and make inside utilized libraries accessible on GitHub. 


SendGrid is a cloud-based email administration for conveying high volume messages dependably for the benefit of probably the biggest organizations around the world. These organizations incorporate; Uber, Spotify, Airbnb, and some more. 

They have utilized Golang for building adaptable, solid and adjustable APIs. Along these lines this application can convey the most important substance to the correct clients at the perfect time. 

Last words 

These are a portion of the top organizations which are utilizing Golang by Golang improvement administrations. By seeing this article, it very well may be said that every one of these organizations have developed and profited by Golang improvement. Along these lines, you can likewise enlist a Golang advancement organization and begin with your venture.


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