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Top 6 Mobile App Development Framework for 2019

In the past few years, we could see rapid development in the world of mobile application. All the modern businesses are focused on mobile application use. Regardless of platform whether it is Andriod or iOS, a mobile application development framework is equally important for both of them. For a mobile application developer, it is always a tough decision to choose the correct application framework. So, let us now look around the top 6 App development framework for the year 2019 and make the work of developer easier:

Ionic is the most convenient and widely used development framework used by the developers. The most amazing part of this framework is it provides all the facilities in free of cost. It is supported by all the latest mobile devices making it a powerful weapon for development. Further, it also helps in building the hybrid app as well. It uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Being popular among the angular developer, it also allows in its online marketplace to download projects and templates and make their work more effective.

Xamarin is introduced by the renowned Software Giant Microsoft, which is based out of San Francisco. While using this amazing framework, the developer should have a strong background with C# codebase. It proves itself very efficient for iOS, Android and Windows. It even tends to produce very few bugs which prove its efficiency for the developers.

React Native
The famous social media king ‘Facebook’ has launched React Native in the year 2015. Since then it is used by many developers and became one of the preferred choices among them. It is an open-source framework which uses the JavaScript as their primary language. So, it is crucial for a developer before trying React Native he or she must know JavaScript.

Flutter is an open-source mobile application development framework introduced by the most famous ‘Google’. It is written in the Dart language. This framework makes the work of the developer very easy with a synchronised interface. Flutter is also helpful for many tasks like adding features, building UIs, fixing bugs faster, etc. It is among the most preferred choice for Android and iOS application developer.

Corona SDK
Corona SDK is very fast in compared to the other mobile application development framework. One of the most amazing features of Corona SDK is it is supported by the Lua programming language, which is very lightweight and works very swiftly. Another pleasant thing about Corona SDK is, it comes at completely free of cost and supports well with MAC and Windows OS.

Native Scripts
Native Scripts is a fantastic mobile application development framework. It is a work of a traditional Bulgarian company. It is well supported to develop the Android applications and as well as iOS apps. It requires no plug-ins. It uses the JavaScript language for programming which made it very easy to access the APIs of different mobile phones.

These listed development frameworks are going to be most demanded among the developers in the year 2019. As a bonus Flits Webs is another perplexing mobile application development framework which effectively helps the developer with its magnificent features. The mobile application development framework is one of the essential tools for making the application suitable for the situation.

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