Top Web Frameworks in Golang for Development

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  • Nov 25, 2019

Top Web Frameworks in Golang for Development
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From the earliest starting point, Golang appreciated across the board prominence among the advancement network. It has gotten a ground-breaking and the most prominent alternative to compose APIs and web administrations. The overview results led in December 2016, found that 89% of the aggregate of 3595 respondents chose to pick Google's Go Programming Language or Golang for their work. In light of aptitude and inclination, Golang has positioned the most noteworthy among all web programming dialects. In 2017, Golang positioned tenth in Tiobe's Programming Language of the Year. This is a critical hop from 55th position earlier year. Golang is drawing in experts from different orders in view of the simplicity of utilizing Go. 

Google's Go Programming Language is fast, in the sense, it tends to be ordered to brisk running local code. A few web application improvement organization USA and the world over including PHP Web Development organizations have discovered this component fascinating. At the point when an advancement organization Hires PHP web Developers, they need them to get beneficial as quick as possible. Golang is anything but difficult to begin in any event, for tenderfoot designers. No big surprise, Golang or Google's Go Programming Language has gotten the fundamental decision for the standard clients from the time it was propelled. 

Golang assists engineers with making capable, trustworthy, and straightforward programming since it is open-source and assembled programming Language. This is the explanation Go has a wide and expanding cluster of clients. Golang developed from ground for simultaneousness and versatility. It additionally makes ready for better enhancements. Utilizing Golang, you can compose proficient projects with less line of codes. Composing hearty APIs without negatively affecting its presentation has gotten simpler. What's more, exceptional APIs without settling on quality and usefulness. Golang is an assembled language that performs code check before the runtime. 

Impact of AI on web development in 2019

Here is a brisk arrangement of the top structures for advancement in Golang. Spare this article or bookmark it with the goal that you can return at whatever point you need them.

Impact of AI on web development in 2019


Martini is extremely lean and light. Very easy to integrate with third-party support. The flexibility to extend the capabilities with the additional libraries makes incredibly lean Martini code base to magnify and leverage its functionality to become something more than just its components. The additional third-party support makes Martini act more like an ecosystem rather than behave like a framework.

The design of Martini is meant to do a lot of work with a minimal amount of overhead. In terms of performance, it stands somewhere between enterprise and small team programming that offers good scalability. Martini was developed for writing modular web applications and services in Golang.

It also enjoys a wide range of support for routing methodologies and formats. It offers support for wildcards, regex stricture, variable parameters and more. All of this makes Martini more powerful than Gin, especially considering the overhead.

Martini has already been around for some time. There is a good amount of documentation and a large install base. For any issues related to Martini, chances are it’s been answered.


Gin is designed to deliver a very minimalistic, trimmed down framework. It carries only the most essential features, libraries, and functionalities making it extremely lean. This is a major plus point for frameworks like Gin.

Impact of AI on web development in 2019

Gin follows simple and succinct design ethos which is apparent from the documentation. Gin is a great framework to start with. It is also easier in terms of debugging and issue tracking.

Just as a side note, Gin was designed with Martini, which is another framework (described above). Gin uses HTTP router for its traffic handling. This increases the speed by over 40 times than Martini framework. It’s a good choice between spartan code and speed.


This is another lightweight and fast web framework with composability and simplicity as its main features. Just like net/HTTP.ServeMux, you will find Goji to be a minimalistic HTTP request multiplexer. The framework includes Einhorn support, making it possible for you to have WebSocket support in Goji.

Goji also include URL patterns, graceful shutdown, re-configurable middleware stack, and much more. You can use the framework in production. It has proved its worth by serving billions of requests across several organizations.


It is a minimalistic framework which offers fast and scalable routing performance. Gocraft is a Go mux and middleware package with casting and reflection capabilities to help you type your code statically. Gocraft also allows you to add optional functionality with the built-in middleware or you can write your own. Gocraft adds routing to the net/http package from the standard library. Gocraft makes for a great choice if performance is one of the top concerns for you. It makes it very easy to write backend web applications with the Gocraft framework.

Impact of AI on web development in 2019


Beego offers a fully featured framework which lends much of its development conceptualization and approach from Revel. Even though Beego is lean for what it does, it is an all-inclusive framework. That's why you will find Beego offering a wide feature set for what ultimately is not a big code base.

Beego comes with “Bee tool” which possesses awesome functionality that checks for automated changes to the codebase. It performs automated functions depending on those changes. You can configure Bee tool to automatically build new revisions, archive function changes, and more.

Impact of AI on web development in 2019

All the great functionality of Beego doesn’t stop there. It also comes with a great ORM system in place that paves the way for modeling relations and resources in a highly effective manner. This leads to faster processing and better traffic routing.


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