Want to know what a blockchain developer

  • Vipin Sharma
  • Aug 29, 2019

Want to know what a blockchain developer
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Want to know what a blockchain developer’s life is like? Get an insight

The number of blockchain developers is increasing and they are ones accountable for bringing people closer to this technology. While people are still trying to figure out the technology, they are ones who are exploring the very limits of this technology and coming up with new ideas. In this article, we have tried to look into the lives of the blockchain developers and take an insight into the life of one of the brightest hire blockchain developer. There is a legion of blockchain developers which is becoming bigger in number and their lives are much more enthralling than we expect.

These developers are coming from many small towns of India where there is a lack of educational institutes. But the students manage to get admission to decent colleges in the cities and pursue their education. They are the ones who burn the midnight oil and make things happen against all odds. These you some young programmers who are talented and hardworking, they are are ready to go above and beyond to achieve that. We talked to a few of these developers and found out they are the real salts of the earth who are trying to make their work more productive for businesses.

They are the also ones who bring a voluminous revenue into their country through many blockchain-based projects. We have asked them a few questions to check what they think about the blockchain revolution.

Do you think the rise of blockchain is impacting the business in the country?

It really is, it is actually taking the world by storm and there is no going now. People have started believing in this technology and they are expecting it to be more mainstream in the near future. Thankfully, it is going to happen as we are seeing it, there are many projects which are going to play a pivotal role in making blockchain a part of our lifestyle. There are many benefits of using this technology and they are becoming noticeable to people. The usage of the smart contract is becoming more common among people and it would surely make things better.

How did you become a part of this revolution? What’s your story?

Different people have stories actually, most of us just read and heard about it with the surge of bitcoin’s price and then we started digging into it. Our interests piqued when we saw the potential in it, we worked all out to gain expertise in it and it now seems to be paying off really well. With this technology, it becomes very easy to expand yourself, it also gives you more than what you expect. Using it every sector, our country can get ahead in the race to achieve perfection. You also get a chance to explore the limits of application development and it also gets over the edge.

What is the life of a blockchain developer like? How do you find the motivation to face the challenges?

It does get hectic every now and then but if you enjoy the work, you won’t regret it. The work that we share is quite enthusiastic and we also get to spend time for ourselves, at least at the weekends. Most of us are young and we all like to take some time out for our friends and family. As our services are improving, we are also making things better for all our clients, we are also getting everything in writing. Being a developer improves things for you and you also get a chance to expand yourself with absolutely no hassles. We do have to maintain strong codebase but it gets many errors which we mostly get rid of.

Is it easy to pursue a career in blockchain in terms of skill set and education?

You need to believe in what you do and then the paths start to get clear. The magnitude of changes is currently very big and you need to have a stronger base in order to carry out experiments. Many of us took a detour from other courses and had to convince ourselves that it would be good for the future. There was certainly doubt in the beginning but it began to shed as we went ahead with new ideas. Whenever you want a new idea to work, you need to brainstorm it with like-minded people first and that’s when we all came together in support of this technology. We all are proud to have chosen this technology as a career option.

How is the acceptance of blockchain in the industries based in Asia?

The acceptance is really exceptional, frankly speaking, we never really thought it would be so positive. Testing blockchain projects at the enterprise level have now become very easy as we are now getting projects for proof of concept. Different companies are now collaborating to come up with an ingenious plan and its execution is also getting simpler than ever. The more solutions we are coming up with, the better response we are getting from the markets. You could say that blockchain is still in an incipient phase, but its global adaptation tells that we are going to get to the next level soon.

How do you see the blending of blockchain with technologies like AI and IoT?

Just like everything else, it is also going in the right direction. The best thing about it is you get a deep insight into each of these technologies and get to learn a lot. AI and IOT are the two most revolutionary concepts that we have seen lately when they are combined with the blockchain technology, results are phenomenal. Blockchain works as a database and it secures all the operations that are executed using the others. It enhances their performance and makes them more useful for business operations. The cost of operations is not very high which is working as a fillip to many industries that are looking forward to using this technology.

Is there any misconception about blockchain technology that you want to debunk?

The biggest misconception about blockchain is that cannot work efficiently unless it has something to do with cryptocurrency. We hope that in the next few years, all these misbeliefs are subsided and people get to see the real potential of this technology. Those who criticize cryptocurrency do not know it completely and they are just going by scams which happened on its name. We all think that this technology needs to be regulated not banned altogether. It gives you a much better ground to run your experiments and even makes a strong impact on the future of how industries work together. Blockchain would definitely erase all the doubts with its efficiency which makes it better than the other technologies. It also works against all the odds and gives you a better outcome.


  • Vipin Sharma

    Vipin Sharma

    Aug 29, 2019

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