What are the Impacts of 5G in the App Development Industry and How to be Prepared for 5G

  • Venkatesh C R
  • Sep 19, 2019

What are the Impacts of 5G in the App Development Industry and How to be Prepared for 5G
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Almost every time cellular network technology takes the next evolutionary step, faster internet for everyone is to be expected. This is evident in the history of mobile telecommunications, from 2G to 4G, and this development will only ever continue as more sophisticated technologies are conceptualized and rolled out in the future.

Mobile app development rode the 4G wave to great success, with developers being given greater opportunities to take their app ideas to the next level, thanks to the advantages brought by 4G. That said, 5G, like its predecessor, does not limit itself to providing unprecedentedly fast mobile internet. Do not get us wrong, though. Close to lightning-fast mobile internet remains as the primary reason that 5G was developed. However, we will also highlight all the other exciting things you can look out for, which are directly influenced by the arrival of 5G.

The Unparalleled Speed of 5G

In order to get a clear picture of just how fast 5G is, you have to take the time to know the details. 5G has been continually tested, and results show a vast speed boost, indeed. In fact, that statement alone does not give it justice and could prove to be an understatement.

So how fast is 5G? Well, according to verified tests, the real-world speed of 5G has a range of 10-50Gbps. Test environments even confirm that 5G has the ability to reach 1TB per second! That fact alone makes it staggeringly greater than 4G, which could only manage an average of 20Mbps real-world speed.

Of course, this single notion already unlocks plenty of opportunities for innovation in mobile app development. For one, the faster loader times and file transfers that such speeds can achieve would undoubtedly massively influence how developers will design their apps in the future. Besides this, you can also expect less delays because of the naturally lower latency of 5G.

Other 5G App Development Benefits

To better highlight the impact of 5G on mobile app development, it is crucial to look at how it influences the other budding technologies and app development trends that are set to take over the world in the coming years. From AI to IoT, experts anticipate that 5G will serve as one of the keys to honing the true capabilities of these technologies which will define posterity.

  • How 5G Connectivity is crucial to AI and Machine Learning and IoT?


Wireless connectivity needs to be very refined to make the almost instant way artificial intelligence apps are able to present options and make decisions for the user. 5G grants that capability due to its speed and low latency, thanks to its large impact on ambient computing (the notion that correct digital user experience occurs anytime and everywhere).


And while the same cannot be said for IoT (which does not really need high-speed internet to provide its benefits), 5G also enhances it in a different way. Through 5G’s Massive Machine Type Communication (mMTC) access type, IoT devices (like meters and monitors) will be able to conserve power better. In fact, energy efficiency could very well be an overlooked benefit of 5G in this regard.


These possibilities pave the way for developers to finally deploy AI, machine learning, and IoT as they should be deployed. The more solid and refined connectivity it brings about emphasizes why its development is vital to these technologies as well.


  • AR and VR Mobile Apps need to have minimal to no latency.


To say that AR/VR needs more advanced networks to function properly is putting it mildly. Virtual reality apps need zero latency to retain their functionality (and realism). AR/VR prompts require no lag and delay of any sort to keep user experience as satisfactory as possible. Most media files incorporated into AR/VR apps can be played and used with in a more crystal-clear way as well, which is nothing short of necessary.


Many experts also anticipate that 5G will finally allow the streaming of VR experiences, again, due to the immense latency issues that it will resolve. Performance shines through when we consider this, and this virtually makes 5G a veritable panacea to past seemingly impenetrable technological obstacles.


  • More life-saving opportunities in the healthcare field.


Expect more efficiency and cost-saving in the healthcare industry once 5G becomes the norm. With better connectivity, healthcare providers will be able to render their services quicker with the aid of healthcare apps. Personnel that need training can avail of them quickly and more efficiently. Resources can be managed and saved better as well, resulting in huge cuts in expenses.


  • Better logistics and manufacturing.


Automation dominates manufacturing nowadays, and it has definitely transformed the industry for the better. Since such technology cannot get enough of network support to set even loftier records of productivity with the help of apps, you can only imagine how 5G will catapult the manufacturing industry with those elements considered.


Logistics also benefits a lot because of the reduced latency. Spontaneous adjustments to routes according to current weather and road conditions and other external factors can be made in seconds. Road safety can be vastly improved and maintained as well as a result of it. The 5G app development process that focuses on logistics should certainly capitalize on this advantage for its life-saving capabilities.


How to Prepare for the Arrival of 5G?

Developers should pay attention to the following guidelines on how they should anticipate 5G to take advantage of it to the fullest:

  • Be open to the myriad opportunities 5G provides for the most prevalent app development trends at present. Practically everything will be affected but you have to know just how vast its impact is on a particular technology.
  • Be mindful of the devices that will appear in the future as a result of 5G’s arrival. These could range from wearables to sensors. How will your app be able to capitalize on the more stable and refined connectivity of these devices?


5G alters mobile app development, both as a whole and minutely as well, that much is for certain. It’s safe to say that it serves as the key to making practically all the mobile app technologies being developed at present as efficient as possible. This underscores virtually how game-changing 5G is, and why you, as a developer, should now be taking proactive steps in preparing for it eventually becoming the norm soon.


  • Venkatesh C R

    Venkatesh C R

    Sep 19, 2019

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