What is Software localization and why is it important for global companies

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  • Sep 03, 2019

What is Software localization and why is it important for global companies
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What is Software localization and why is it important for global companies?

According to United States Census Bureau about 350 and more languages are being spoken in America. The majority number of people speaks English whereas in places like New York three out of one speaks language other than English. It is an era of globalization and digitalization. To become part of global and digital world, localization of marketing content, products and even software development is required.  Local and multinational companies have become global now. The difference between multinational and global is that multinationals is inclined to new marketing whereas global business works from different perspective. This different perspective is Localization and Translation. The trends towards globalization and digitalization has made software development ubiquitous. Many companies have realized the importance of digital transformation and start developing their in-house applications to assist their customers to connect their products and services online. If you want to sell your products in USA, you need to get your software translated otherwise you will harm your customers by connecting them with only one language. For reaching a global markets, software localization is very important strategy. Let’s see how software localization is important for global companies.

Software Localization

Software localization is altering the language of software to match the needs of specific language and culture. Software localization is also known as I18N.Internationalism helps in development of the product that promotes localization. It helps in localization but it is different from internationalism. Internationalism is the part of product development and localization is the extension of product development. In order to sell your software globally. Localization steps need to be taken for further development.

     Usually localization is done when software development is done. This causes noticeable problem because software framework is already   developed. The development and marketable part of business works side by side. Through technological advancements, engineering and with the assistance of localization service provider you can localized content for your software updates.

There are few steps for software localization.

  • Finding resource files for translating localization kit.
  • Content translation with the help of native translator.
  • Analyze translation errors.
  • Putting your translated files into your code structure.
  • Changing the size of dialog boxes.
  • Testing for software for all segments of market.

The localization process includes localization of strings and messages, online assistance and other assets with globalization in mind.


Why is Software Localization Important for global companies?

To become a part of global software market, localization is very important. Many companies want to sell products to global markets .For this purpose they need to abide by the cultural and linguistic norms of the target market otherwise they suffer from losing potential customers. Globalization has pushed people towards entrepreneurship. They know about the emerging global marketplace. Entrepreneurship requires localization and translation to reach potential global markets. Localization is essential for all sorts and sizes of business. If you focus on English-speaking segments only than you will lose potential chunk of the world’s population. There are over 7000 living languages spoken all over the world and native English speakers are only 4.83% of total population. Furthermore in English speaking countries many demanding consumers speak multiple languages. If your market is bilingual, consumers may be comfortable with one language over other. Let’s take the example of Spanish website translation and localization in the US. US has a Hispanic population of 13.3% of US population.  Age limit of them is 5 years and older and they speak Spanish. Ratio of English-speaking people are high in USA, Hispanic population. This data demands localization of your software in Spanish language. If you are unable to do it than you will miss potential market opportunities.

These are three reasons why is software localization important for global companies.

Vigorously Reaching New potential Markets

In the early stage of your product and service development, globalization and localization should be integrated. In this you will be able to position your products and services efficiently. It becomes very expensive and time consuming if you get translated your software when it is completely done. Before indulging into any localization attempt you need to find most potential markets for your product. All this information will help you start your business. Rigorous software will help you set up your products quickly. Doing a complete examination of products is very expensive. For this you need to require a team of native linguists, translators, engineers and developers to provide a time bound result.

Enhancing your customer Base

Your customer data represents your loyal customers who keep using your products. Localization makes sure that you enjoy your product with others and share your experience. When new customer becomes regular customer, great amount of revenue is generated. If you make your software accessible to other communities, you will reap more benefits and revenue. Social media chatting and word of mouth marketing will assist you in enhancing customer base.

User Experience

User Experience is very important in software application than any other part. Every dollar invested in user experience will reap high profits and revenues. By localizing your software you will be able to enhance user experience around the globe. You should localize software from the start. This will help you in saving money from costly corrections and will help you earning revenue. User Experience localization is above translation. For this purpose you need to know cultural specificities and locale requirements. For Example in Taiwan and China everyone speaks Chinese. Chinese language has different dialects which are spoken across China and Taiwan so you need to know the difference between simplified and traditional Chinese. If you want to cater these Chinese consumers than you need to take care of both user experience and design according to cultural norms and linguistic trends of their location.

Choose the Best Software Localization Services

Making software accessible and rational is cumbersome task. Don’t speculate that when you introduce the software, it will hit the market. Software localization demands years of experience in translation and having knowledge about applications and software development.


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