When Should I Consider Developing a Progressive Web Application

  • Amit Agrawal
  • Aug 27, 2019

When Should I Consider Developing a Progressive Web Application
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When Should I Consider Developing a Progressive Web Application?

As per the overall data, internet usage is 60% more over the mobile phone as compared to laptops. The main reason for this is to get free access to affordable hardware, portability, and internet coverage. The major effect of this transformation and stats has come down on progressive web application and enhanced user experience that has a tendency to convert the mobile phone website rate.

React Native app development company work with these mobile applications to ensure that hybrid and native app-like experience can be obtained. The progressive web application includesmobile devices that enable optimized websites.

What is the meaning of Progressive Web Application?

The user engagement has taken the world to a new height due to its responsiveness and cross-platform. It includes the web and application development that has taken a turn in terms of growth and productivity. The fact is that in the modern era, users depend widely on the application that can cover up website data as well. This makes it easy for them to get app-like experience and immersive flow with the right set of browser development. On top of that, brands love this whole concept giving a chance to industry to grow and thrive.

The best thing that makes Progressive Web App Development Services a success and attractive option is due to its positive results. It is a great way to enhance bounce rates, conversion rates, session lengths,and page views. In addition to this, the mobile web experience is an enhanced form that allows companies to work in an upgraded form.

When to hire PWA Development Company for application development?

Since we have an idea on what actually PWA is, we must be able to know when to actually implement it. The fact is that if a customer is not visiting the website regularly then having a PWA might not be an ideal choice. This is only helpful if traffic is extremely good over a website that makes it best to be at someone’s home screen. Hence, here are the reasons that must be taken under consideration for web applications.

  1. App Store Presence

The app store work as per different categories that make it essential for companies to consider. It is vital to know where to put up the application once the development is done. This makes it easy for users to download it without any hitches. The application with category has a high probability to fall under the search result of users. Hence, consider keywords such as daily task, make notes, games, etc. The Mobile app development company keeps it in mind to ensure that the work is done in a synchronized and effective manner.

  1. Native Features

There is no doubt that applications havetaken note of push notifications while launching an application. The main purpose of such implementation is to be in front of the user’s eye. It is also a way to ensure that when new content is published then the user can know about it instantly. However, it does have some limitations such as geofencing, mobile payments, accessing calendars and contacts. If the application requires these features then it is best to opt for a native application. The React Native app development company can offer some of the latest ideas to give a flow to the overall process.

  1. Mobile-Optimized Application

Another vital part to remember is to ensure that the application is maintained as per the business requirement. It is even cost-effective if a website is optimized in the form of an application. There is no need to start the application from scratch that is proceeded in the native application. In this case, it is best to opt for progressive web applicationdevelopmentthat has the tendency to grow at a fast pace.

  1. Cost of Customer Acquisition

If a company is looking out for options that can offer thelowest cost for the customer acquisition then PWA is their ideal choice. The fact is that native applications are extremely costly and can be difficult to deal in with the demand for every organization. The especially small-scale industry can’t afford the high cost of native application development. In such a case, the Progressive Web App Development Services can be ten times better to reduce customer acquisition.

  1. Processing Requirement

For an off line version of development, there are a number of things that are added to the platform. These features can be accessed easily with the help of PWA that gives it a benefit to working up with a limited version. In addition to this, the education portals, e-commerce platforms, etc. website business can work well with the offline content. The device resources are directly accessed by the applications for retrievingdata, process information and even alter the whole work. The PWA can work well for it but the native application can be beneficial as well.

  1. Android vs iOS

 The PWA Development Company can work amazingly well with the strong features that are added up to the Chrome and Android platforms. It is even added up by Apple to convert it in the form of latest advancement and support towards differentfeatures. However, there are a few features that are yet to be added such as web app banners, push notifications, no browser support,and splash screen. This makes companies move towards native application development but with the advancement, PWA is slowly improving and in the future, we can witness a lot new from it.


The actual reason for a Mobile app development company to depend upon PWA is its higher revenue that makes companies move towards a stable form. Along with it, there are a number of things added to it such as speed, reliability, easy to install, responsiveness, user engagement,and splash screen has attracted a lot of developers chooseit.


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    Amit Agrawal

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