Interview with Raju Kumar – Co-Founder, Updoer Technology

  • Updoer Technology - Mar 17, 2020

1. Please introduce your company and give a brief about your role within the company?

UpDoer Technology is an India-based Software Testing/QA company founded in 2017. With 25+ Engineers on board, the company covers the entire STLC helping large enterprises and startups accomplish their most ambitious business goals. This company’s service includes core testing services such as Manual, Automation & Performance Testing on web, Mobile and desktop. UpDoer expertise stretches in every direction: e-commerce, healthcare, telecom, SaaS and finance, logistics, etc.

As a Co-Founder, I am grateful and honored to lead the team and strategic direction of the company alongside my partner and Co-Founder, Adeeb Khan.

2. What was the idea behind starting this organization?

Our primary objective was to help large enterprises and startups accomplish their most ambitious business goals with low-cost and high quality outsourced software testing solutions.

UpDoer Technology is considered to be one of the global leaders in providing all kinds of quality assurance and software testing services.

3. What are the services you offer to your clients?

UpDoer offers high-end to end software testing programs and test solutions to independent software vendors & software product companies

Our Solution offerings and Value Proposition to clients

1. Dedicated focused team

2. Robust Test Management experience

3. Strong Product experience in different verticals

4. The third eye looks to your software

4. What is your company’s business model–in house team or third party vendors/outsourcing?

We are a flexible team to work with our clients as per their needs. Based on our clients’ preference we offer them a team/resource to work and our quality assurance team works closely with each project and ensures the quality of the project.

5. After service is a necessary part of development. How do you provide customer support to your client?

It depends upon our initial contract with the client. We promise to deliver the best quality products to our clients. And if the client faces any issue in the project delivered by us then our support team provides 24*7 via email or Skype assistance to them.

6. Give your opinions on how far this app revolution can make a difference in the technology world?

According to my point of view, as the tech capabilities of different mobile apps become more powerful, I expect to see more digitalization of various fields of activity and professions. Mobile apps change the way people do their business and interact with customers, and I think that such niches like e-Learning, healthcare, FinTech, Real estate, eCommerce are the fields where the mobile app revolution will bring maximum efficiency. 

7. Define your future prospective and vision regarding new technologies like wearable and IoT apps?

The Future of IoT is both fascinating and challenging, From your coffee pot warning you of your 10th cup to your chair alerting you that you have gained weight to your car telling you that it will take over the driving, the future is limitless. The concept of IoT can be applied everywhere to make everyday objects smart and resourceful.. So you can clearly see that the scope is endless!

8. What are the key factors that you consider before deciding the cost of a mobile application?

There are a different key factor that determines the cost of mobile app testing as·      

  • Research
  • Human Resource
  • Real iOS & Android Mobile devices
  • Updates and Maintenance
  • Native Apps or Hybrid Apps
  • Time frame
  • Features and Functionality

9. What are the challenges you see in the outsourcing industry and how much you’re prepared to face those challenges?

There are lots of challenges we have seen in the outsourcing industry in india

1.        Loss of Key Talent and/or Poor Knowledge Transfer

2.        Culture Clash Between the Client and Service Provider

3.        lower costs (due to economies of scale or lower labor rates)

4.        increased focus on strategy/core competencies

5.        time zone differences

10. What latest technologies and tools you’re planning to implement for mobile app development?

We are not developing a mobile app, however, we are core QA service provider so we are using Appium, TestComplete, UI Automator, SeeTest, Robotium, XCUITest to automate smoke and regression test cases of mobile apps.

Company Info :
  • Name : Raju Kumar
  • Company : Updoer Technology
  • Date : Mar 17, 2020
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