Interview with Sam Agarwal – CEO, AppZoro

  • AppZoro - Dec 27, 2019

Please walk through your company profile and its offerings in detail.

AppZoro took its first step in the Year 2016, led by Mr. Sam Agarwal (Founder/CEO). The company focuses on two main problems of the startup industry. Firstly, designing and creation of Proprietary Software/Mobile Applications for startups and enterprises. They take the idea from its infancy stages and build a plan for development with research data from the market and target user base. This is what differentiates AppZoro from its competitors. The extra efforts put into R&D prior to writing a single line of code helps give them an advantage over their clients’ competitors. The second problem they tackle is the lack of seed funding to jumpstart. AppZoro brings on private equity investors for startup projects. AppZoro, through its years of networking and connections, is able to pool in funds from various Angles and VCs to club investment strategies for startups. Which in turn leads to business development strategies and guidance by industry-specific mentors and advisors.

AppZoro is a web, software and mobile app development in Atlanta. Through partnerships and fund raising, AppZoro has invested in many early stage startups in Atlanta and the Jaipur, India area. We focus on investing in project that lack funding with potential for high growth. Our niche for our funding portfolio has been in the SaaS products space. More details on offering of the company can be found on His software engineering expertise is the foundation of AppZoro’s success. 

How have you adapted yourself to the latest needs of the market? 

Sam Agarwal utilizes a systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach to software engineering, which allows AppZoro to maintain a high level of quality and productivity, while tackling complex business problems. Samradh serves as an IT Business Consultant to develop custom, multi-faceted business solutions by utilizing a dynamic problem-solving approach. Before, during, and throughout the development process, he draws upon multiple skills attained through his time as an entrepreneur. These skills are especially vital in his capacity as an Early-Stage Business Strategist for multiple funded technology startups.

What gives you an edge over your peers and how your company is different from others in the same arena? Please mention some of your forte. 

We just don’t develop products blinding to get our paycheck. We understand the product and market need well prior to committing to any project. This is what sets us apart from other development and consulting firms. We evaluate all pros and cons, and lay out our honest opinions based on experiences to our client. We are not only a development studio, but also a Venture Capital firm. We help our partner by connecting them with the right sources of funding and business development guidance.

Sam Agarwal goes beyond the typical capabilities of a software engineer by taking on multiple functions through the combination of software engineering, IT business consulting, and early-stage business strategy. This allows him to utilize a holistic approach when serving clients, which results in superior results, when compared to other development approaches.  He not only creates the software that is needed to help these businesses excel through their technology applications, but Samradh incorporates an Early-Stage Business Strategy. This strategy involves analyzing a client’s unique business situation, and developing strategic plans in line with company objectives.  Operating with very little resources and thin margins of error, startups must heavily emphasize sound strategic decisions. Building a business is difficult, and I work with many entrepreneurs who are engaged in the initial growth process.

What are the services you offer to your clients?

  • Mobile App development (Android / iOS)
  • Tech StartUp Consulting
  • Technology Strategy for Businesses
  • Programming (Swift, Java, Angular.js, SQL)
  • Database Creation and Management
  • IoT Development
  • Consulting Services
  • Web and Interface Design
  • Digital Marketing

Did you face any obstacles during the initial days? How did you sail through them? 

Penetration into the Tech industry of Atlanta was a hurdle. Like any startup, I had to build my network from scratch. Atlanta Tech Village has been the biggest contributor to my network. By providing a platform to network, ATV gave me a jump start in making my consumer base of companies who want to develop mobile apps.

Another major hurdle with AppZoro has been the HR/Management of the company. Finding the right people and having to keeping them on board has been a challenge.

What was your learning during struggling days so that our readers could prepare themselves for upcoming challenges?

I am a strong believer of Mentorship! I have been very lucky to be surrounded by mentor in my life all the time and have gotten a wealth of knowledge and guidance from them.

Initially, before joining the Tech industry, I was involved in my family’s import and wholesale business throughout my time in college. Therefore, I had the opportunity to learn firsthand how to deal with sticky, time critical situations. From manufacturing to sales to customer support, I have dealt with all aspects of running a company and more importantly learning how to overcome situations and resolve problems, especially when you never see a light at the end of the tunnel! Hence, the credit goes to both my parents. They have been my very first mentors, not just in business, but all aspects of life.

We I started AppZoro, and joined the Tech Village, I had the opportunity to come across many of Atlanta big shot in the Tech industry! I have learned as much as possible from any one of my seniors in the industry.

If it were not for the many mentors/advisors I have come across, I would not have come so far in building AppZoro.

How your company is serving the needs of the clients? Discuss in detail and tell the names of your clients.

Atlanta Tech Village App:

The Atlanta Tech Village is America’s 4th largest tech hub. It is home to some of the brightest and most talented companies in the world. Its mission is to support and inspire entrepreneurs to achieve success through a community that promotes faster connections between talent, ideas, and capital. The Village offers fully equipped conference rooms that are bookable 24/7. In these conference rooms are large screen TVs and apple TV for easily connecting devices for presentation purposes. The Atlanta Tech Village app is an institutional app that allow members and guests to get up-to-date information on events at the Atlanta Tech Village, including accessing event calendar, room booking, member forum, etc. Without this app, members have to book a room via phone only, which is time consuming and inefficient. The application developed significantly changed the way members carry out their businesses at the Atlanta Tech Village. The app facilitates the interactions among members and increases the efficiency of membership management services. Members can book a room in less than 15 seconds. Its other features improve other functionalities for ATV members. 

Cowork Oasis App:

CoWork Oasis app is part of AppZoro’s mobile solutions for co-working spaces. The company’s solution for co-working spaces is to provide a customized mobile application that integrates with its management software of choice and any third-party software that the company uses to make management services more efficient. Similar to ATV app, CoWork Oasis app is an institutional application that allows members and guests to have an elevated user experience, while helping the administration team with membership management. The app was designed to be an all-in-one solution for all items related to CoWork Oasis. All users can book a conference room, check out community calendar of events, get directions, find parking lots nearby, or contact CoWork Oasis team. The CoWork Oasis app is the first innovation community of its kind in El Paso, Texas, offering both the resources and inspiration necessary to put big ideas into action. The app adds value to the business by making management services more efficient and providing features to enhance the experience of its members and guests.


VINwiki is a platform that invites users to create, contribute to, and curate vehicle history reports. Users can enter photos, mileage updates, service records, and more. The app allows users to build value in their car by documenting all maintenance, upgrades, and modifications. VINwiki was developed to solve the problem of inaccurate information on vehicle reporting platforms such as CarFAX, which only certain dealerships have access to the information. The app is a crowdsourced platform where users can report information about their vehicles and have access to more accurate information about vehicles in general.


AMC-n-ME is a mobile application developed in partnership with Mercer University College of Pharmacy. The mobile application is being used in a study to collect data to support the argument that medication adherence can be improved with the help of technology. There are two user interfaces on the application: the patient and the pharmacist (physician). The patient is able to record its medication intake, blood pressure, weight, and take surveys related to the study. Whereas, physicians are able to view patients’ records, update their information, and track their medication adherence via the mobile application and/or the web panel.

The Hotelier’s Network:

The Hotelier’s Network app allows user to connect with other hoteliers in the U.S. They can communicate, collaborate, sell, or buy hotels and items; seek advice; etc. There is no product like this in the market. Users of this app have private access to the application by invitation only. Currently, members of the hospitality community connect with their peers through Facebook. The Hotelier’s Network app bring more efficiency to the community without the “noise” from other users that do not share the same interests. It is an all-in-one solution for the hospitality community. The user can use it to check vendors’ reviews; buy or sell hotels; and more using this app.

Vimbel App:

Vimbel app is a multitasking platform designed to improve multitasking, productivity, collaboration, task management, project management, and organization. A leap ahead of its competitor, Slack app, it enables teams to message one-on-one or in groups, share files, manage tasks, organize projects or meetings, and host video conference meetings. The app allows users to collaborate by having a unique team ID. Its main purpose is to improve connectivity between employees and management in a company, consequently, improving efficiency of the company as whole. The app has helped companies such as Aflac and FedEx Ground to increase productivity and connectivity. 

Joseline App:

The Emoji Keyboard by Joseline Hernandez is an app with exclusive custom emojis, stickers and gifs. The app works in all messaging applications. New image packs are added periodically and users are able to build a sticker and emoji collection. Joseline Hernandez is a public figure of the VH1 channel. She is part of the reality show Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Joseline had the idea of creating her own emoji keyboard, following steps of many celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Kevin Durant, and others. This app enabled her to improve her branding and publicity while she is being part of the reality show. The Joseline App allowed Ms. Hernandez to improve her revenue, helped keep her marketing relevant, and engaged her fans by providing exclusive emoji and stickers for their messaging applications. 


Currently, with the use of credit cards, Apple pay, and payment applications, more and more people are not carrying no money in their wallets. Sitter-Sanity was developed to solve the problem faced by the babysitting industry. The app has a built-in calculator that automatically calculates the amount to be paid to the babysitter based on the beginning and ending time input. Users have the ability to pay their babysitters using PayPal and Venmo, two popular payment platforms that are integrated into the app. Sitter Sanity is a solution for parents and babysitters. Parents no longer have to over pay or under pay sitters.


CampID is an innovative mobile and web solution that allows athletes, parents, and coaches year-round access to sports camps for continual development and improvement. CampID allows users to search, find, register, compare, review, and rate sports camps, all from the palm of their hand.


Cognosos tracks a user’s entire inventory and gives instant access to each vehicle’s location and movement history – all delivered as a fully managed service. This is done by translating RadioCloud data into real-time inventory views. There is a hardware part that collects RadioCloud data and a dashboard/mobile application for the display of the data translation. The Cognosos platform solves the problems that many vehicle dealerships (or any company with vast inventory) faces. With Cognosos users are able to track their inventory and have access to any information related to certain item. The Cognosos platform helps business owners to be more efficient on the accountability component of their business.

Open On Sunday:

Open on Sunday (OOS) is a platform that serves musicians, publishing companies, labels, and other participants with current catalogs. Users can use the platform to sell their artistic products.


SharePlay is an app that uses Wi-Fi technology to bridge connection between devices (up to 8 devices). This connection allows users to collaborate on playlists composed of music file types from each individual device, and playback on any eligible device. SharePlay is a useful app for event planning and more.

Shouty App:  

Shouty app is a mobile media app that allows users to create events that will be streamed under the following four categories: (1) Fashion, (2) Music, (3) Sports, and (4) Lifestyle. Once an event is created, the administrator of the event can choose to make it public or private. The administrator can also filter which content to be publicly posted. The app allows users to share different perspectives about the same event.


Built-X is an interactive database that enabled users to instantly access accurate and up-to-date contact information of millions of professionals and companies of the construction industry


TurnsFinancePlus is a mobile application for in-home financing. This app simplifies in-home financing for contractors and seeks to provide loan programs to the widest credit range of homeowners seeking to finance a home improvement project. 


Skoozi is a mobile app where fans connect with celebrities and influencers. Users are able to select the celebrity/influencer they like, purchase a personalized video message or a one-a-one live chats, as well as video-shout outs from the user’s favorite celebrity. Working with Skoozi to implement “Video Shoutouts” functionality, which was previously “Audio Shoutouts.” By implementing Video Shoutouts on Skoozi App, they are able to compete head-to-head with the other apps in the same industry_ 

Sara Hospitality:

Sara Hospitality specializes in hotel interior renovation and redesign, including designing lobby, front desk, bathroom, and guest room furniture. Sara Hospitality needed a website for the company where they could tell about their services and display their products for their clients.  

Apex: Apex Textile is a Factory direct supplier of Hotel Linens. Serving as project manager and maintaining the website and the backend infrastructure of the inventory system. 

What are some of the valuable ethos and values that your company support so that it creates its valuable position in the market?

Samradh's dedication to the start-up business community qualifies him a next generation leader.  He is a visionary for taking a business from a startup to the revenue generation stage.  He developed his own IT consulting company that strategically analyzes a company's structure to implement efficient software advancement structured to help clients' excel to meet and exceed their business goals.  The company helps startups and established businesses around the world to develop innovative mobile software products or re-engineer existing tech resources so that they can remain competitive in an ever-changing digital marketplace. Its fundamental goal is to help its clients achieve extraordinary results by leveraging current and emerging mobile technology to its fullest. 

Samradh has taken a leadership role in helping to meet the needs of business owners, which in turn helps towards the economic advancement of the communities in which they reside in for generations to come.  He has positively impacted the businesses of those who he has worked with, and continues to push pass the boundaries that many new startups businesses face.

How do you ensure the unbreakable faith of clients in your company?  

Our principle is “Customer First.” Everyone who works for AppZoro understands our office work culture is this motto. As the company's IT Consultant, Sam works in partnership with clients and advising them on how to use information technology to meet their business objectives or overcome problems. He works to improve the structure and efficiency of IT systems in various organizations.

As the company's project manager, Sam is responsible for planning, budgeting, overseeing, and documenting all aspects of clients’ projects, while ensuring that projects are timely completed, completed within budget, and objectives are met. All of this instills trust and faith in a client.

What are the efforts made by you not to lag behind in the race of having latest technology?

One of the strategies AppZoro employees to stay ahead of the curve is constantly hosting and participating in Local Technology events. Whether it be the Atlanta Tech Village or Technology Association of Georgia, AppZoro representatives are always present to represent and soak up the vast amount to knowledge and the changing/updating Technology landscape.

How much do you rely upon Research and Development? What is the role of research in the growth of company?

Our company was founded on the basis of R&D. Our very first project was invention of “Instagram Stories” in 2016 when Stories was not popular. We implemented this custom build feature in a mobile application for our client. Every single project we have done has been a tricky. We love challenges. 

How important do you feel the workforce for the company, and how is your company keeping your team motivated and energized?

Our customers are our number one priority, and the fact that our workforce seriously understands that well make our Workforce the most important functioning engine of the company. We move forward because of our employees. 

In recent times, many cutting-edge technologies such as IoT, AI, and Big Data have changed the modus operandi of business. How has it affected your company? 

This direct relates to AppZoro. We have Developed many IoT products for our clients. A notable IoT product we just completed is related to Women Safety. Our new wearable button allows you to instantly alert your family, friends or community helpers if you are in an unsafe situation. With simple one-push operation (IoT product), the ImSafeNow button and mobile App puts the safety of you and your family right at your fingertips.

More Info:

In Big Data, We have developed an product which completely automates Cloud Migration on a big scale. We have built robots that take work off the hand of cloud architects and automate the tedious task of Big Data migration. This has been a disruptive tool for IT specialists. .

More Info:

In AI, our presence comes in ChatBot Development. Our product, BobChats, helps e-commerce owners automate online sales and marketing processes on social media platforms.

Please let us know about the achievements and milestones of the company. 

  • Consistently rated as the top 5 App Development firm in Atlanta for 3 years.
  • Winner of 30 Under 30 Award.
  • Delivered over 70 custom applications since inception.
  • Judge of TIE Atlanta Competition.
  • Radio Show Host – Emerging Enterprise Business Development

How do you see the future of the Company, and what plans do you want to achieve in the near future?

Venture Capital

Please share a brief detail of key officials?

Sam Agarwal is an Innovative Applications Developer. Sam is the founder and CEO of AppZoro Technologies, Inc. – an experienced team of full-stack mobile app developers and web designers. He holds a BS in Computer Science and is working on his Master’s at Georgia Tech. Sam is an Advisor of Mobile App Technology for the Atlanta Tech Village, one of the U.S. leading co-working space entities located in Atlanta, Georgia.

From concept to market-ready digital product, AppZoro is your single-source for everything from complex programming and database development to payment integrations and front-end design. With AppZoro’s in-house team of Agile Coders and Inventive Designers, you’ll get consistent high-quality work at a startup-friendly price.

Sam is also an experienced businessman. 

In addition to the work he does with AppZoro, he is Vice President of Sara Hospitality – an international, family-owned furniture manufacturer based in India, serving the US hospitality industry. He has been materially involved since he was 18 and is responsible for procurement, marketing, sales, customer service and finance for the business. In this role, he has learned the key elements of “grind” to build a successful startup.

Through Atlanta Tech Village, and as a private consultant, Sam helps business owners develop sound digital strategies that leverage both current and emerging technologies to increase revenues, streamline productivity, attract investors, and nurture customer relationships.

Company Info :
  • Name : Sam Agarwal
  • Company : AppZoro
  • Date : Dec 27, 2019
  • Website :
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